Why we vote: For the love of kids — Joanna, Cliff, Sarah, Brieanna and David

People from communities throughout Canada tell us why they’re voting for climate action

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As the October 21 federal election approaches, climate change is on people’s minds and in their hearts. We’ve heard from thousands of citizens throughout the country who are concerned about the climate and inspired by the idea of a future powered by renewable energy. We found their statements so moving that we wanted to share some excerpts with you. This edition is all about the love we have for kids.

Want to express your own feelings about climate change and the upcoming federal election?

Joanna and child“As a new mother of an 18 month-old, there is not a single day that doesn’t go by that I don’t hold her close to me with so much concern for what her future will look like due to climate change.”

In the next election, progressive, aggressive, clear environmental goals and objectives are what I am looking for when casting my ballot.

I have undergone a personal audit of my own carbon footprint and have made many positive changes for myself and in my household. But without adequate government legislation in place, those who are not prioritizing their own consumption (and in particular, large corporations whose bottom line is making a profit) will continue to pollute the environment to everyone’s detriment.

Federal candidates: Please help protect my daughter’s future and the life I love so much since she has arrived in it.

New mom
Windsor, Ontario

Cliff sitting in a field

“There are many challenges facing the planet that must be addressed if my granddaughter is going to have a bright future.”

We need visionaries and long-term thinkers, not just people only concerned about the next election.

It is time for decision-makers to stop with the incremental gains and have discussions about the fundamental way we view the economy and its focus on the quantity, not quality, of growth.

I believe that there are many jobs to be had in growing the quality side (clean water, clean air, reducing climate warming, biodiversity conservation, education, health, equity, poverty alleviation). Ultimately Earth is a finite planet that cannot stand the current consumption of resources at current population levels.

Calgary, Alberta

Sarah at home

“I work with children who are three or four years old. I am very concerned about their future. The climate crisis demands immediate attention.”

We are in a terrifying tipping point moment for our world because of the climate crisis. This is a very crucial and important moment to act.

We need Indigenous people involved in solving the climate crisis. We need divestment from fracking, clear-cut forestry, mining and offshore oil extraction. We need endangered species to be protected. We need to go above and beyond the required effort to ensure a future for humanity.

My vision of a renewable energy future includes affordable healthy food and farming practices, and safety and respect for Indigenous Peoples who are the true owners of this land we call Canada.

Artist and early childhood educator
Montreal, Quebec