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Anti-Google statement by News Corp proves it is no longer just a project of the left

Giving Google a shove. Workers move a Google logo during the opening of the new Alphabet’s Google Berlin office in Berlin, Germany earlier this year. (Hannibal Hanschke/Reuters)

Who would have guessed that Rupert Murdoch, the billionaire conservative media mogul who helped make Fox News what it is today, would be on the same side as left-leaning Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren?

Yesterday, Murdoch’s News Corp added its voice to complaints that tech giants, including Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple, have become too dominant in the sectors they control.

News Corp, itself implicated in the past for having too big a stake in its own industry, took a position surprisingly similar to that of Warren, the U.S. presidential candidate who accuses big tech of being anti-competitive and therefore harmful to consumers.

Hurts consumers, advertisers and publishers

The media company’s focus was on Google, and specifically in the Australian market, but complaints about the advertising search company’s influence apply just as well in other sectors and other markets.

“Google leverages its market power in both general search services and ad tech services to the detriment of consumers, advertisers and news publishers,” said the Murdoch company in a filing to an Australian competition commission. “To remedy these harms, Google could either sell Google Search, or retain Google Search and divest the rest of its businesses to a third party.” MORE

The death of competition