Molly Mulloy: Your Children, Grandchildren and the Planet Will Thank You

Image result for wind and solarWind is the most cost effective worldwide at present, particularly off-shore. Solar efficiencies are improving dramatically. Solar walls, windows and roofs, and solar water heating have been invented – why are they not mainstream, affordable and standard building code?

February 10, 2020

Dear elected representatives,

It is critically important that you make action on the climate crisis your absolutely top priority. We cannot continue to emit greenhouse gases, and expect that cutting them out in 5, 10 or 15 years is adequate to maintain a healthy planet. We must include in the emissions tally the significant greenhouse gases from military operations and from permafrost melting (In the first two decades after its release, methane is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide! We only have less than one decade – likely < 8 years – to convert to climate-friendly energy forms!)

Whatever goes into the atmosphere now contributes to climate heating. We cannot afford to continue emitting greenhouse gases at the current rate any longer.

No financial or economic or political argument can be more important than preserving life on the planet.

We need real leadership now! Our federal government must learn to protect the Earth from our First Nations elders and global scientists, (not cow to the interests of industry). Please ask yourselves, “What is more important?”.

Fossil fuels and pipelines are passe. There is no excuse for continuing with old energy pathways. You need to stand up to bullies like Jason Kenney and other industry-controlled premiers, and make decisions that will benefit future generations.

We cannot have this country run by corporations – particularly fossil fuel and nuclear, whose heads are in the sand about the imperative for development and implementation immediately of diversified, sustainable, renewable, green energy pathways.

Of course, we need rules and regulations to ensure conservation of energy – that we do not waste any at all. “Zero-emissions and zero-waste” must become our mantra – fast!

I trust that you will vote against the Teck Resources open pit tar/oil sands mine, and not proceed with any pipelines across First Nations’ lands. Harassment of native peoples on their lands must end. Pipelines must not proceed.

The energy status quo is completely unacceptable – a recipe for extinction of many species including our own.

It is inconceivable that the majority of people in Alberta and Saskatchewan, who have lived through fossil ‘feast and famine’ cycles, will support governments that want to separate from Canada. Most westerners I know who were climate deniers a few years ago, and whose entire careers were in the oil industry, have left their jobs and are now saying that oil and gas is a dead industry! Politicians are either in denial or in the pockets of billionaires. Calgary has two huge new solar farms being constructed on brownfields in the south of the city with full support from city council – by an Irish company! Why not Canadian???

Actions speak louder than words – reconciliation with our First Nations will never occur if we act in a top-down manner, disrespectfully and forcefully. What is happening now is incredibly colonial. I never dreamed this would occur under a Trudeau government. It is Harper-esq.

Pipelines through First Nations communities and through the remote mountains of BC (where forceful avalanches and landslides occur, and where spring breakup in rivers involve fantastic ice and water loads that no human construct could withstand) are far too hazardous. There is too high a risk of rupturing any pipeline, and that would devastate entire salmon spawning streams and the habitats of countless animals, as well as the water supply for many BC communities. We need to be protecting fragile habitats and populations of all species.

No pipeline could hold up to current wildfire temperatures. Wildfires are becoming increasingly frequent and devastating.

Please have foresight. As climate heating increases, producing energy from fossil fuels, and building pipelines (and nuclear plants) becomes less and less intelligent and viable. It appears that human arrogance trumps common sense in both conventional energy circles and in our governments.

I sincerely hope that you will look at the big picture and at your responsibility to Canadian people, to future generations and to all forms of life in this great country and on this planet. I trust that you will stand up to the heavy lobbying powers and bullying tactics and threats from the fossil fuel industry and their spokespeople.

We need to follow the lead of our indigenous elders and much of the rest of the world – particularly certain European nations – to abandon old climate heating, toxic and expensive energy pathways as quickly as possible.

Fossil fuel and nuclear are by far the most expensive and dangerous energy options available. We need to invest heavily in safer, far less expensive (to install and operate) renewable, sustainable energy options; and to invest in improving those technologies.

Wind is the most cost effective worldwide at present, particularly off-shore. Solar efficiencies are improving dramatically. Solar walls, windows and roofs, and solar water heating have been invented – why are they not mainstream, affordable and standard building code? Why can buildings still be erected without energy conservation measures including insulation, orientation, and materials? Why are there no massive rebates for people to retrofit existing structures? Why have we not converted the old GM facility in Oshawa to produce electric vehicles? Why is there insufficient investment in retrofitting existing vehicles to be electric? Why is there not more focus on supporting local, renewable, in-site energy production?

Scientific experts tell us we have very little time left to turn things around.

For so many reasons, we cannot continue with the status quo any longer. We are in a war far more serious than any to date – with an imperative to have a rapid, massive paradigm shift. You have the opportunity to lead us – to help Canada and the planet move to ensure a liveable, survivable planet.

Please abandon fossils and nuclear – if only for the sake of your children. Do not let us down, regardless of the pressure from people whose minds are closed to new ways of operating, with the promise of healthier lives and economies. Please choose the Green New Deal way forward.

The question for Canadians now is who will prevail – Jason Kenney or Justin Trudeau? The first would be a devastating recipe for disaster, but the second has the opportunity to be a real national and global leader.

Do what your children and grandchildren – and the planet – will thank you for.

Molly Mulloy
Belleville, Ontario


LETTER, Molly Mulloy: Take Back Control of Democracy

Image result for because without a healthy earth there isn't a healthy anything

Letter to editor,

Do people who use air travel realize that every person-flight across the country (or the ocean) emits the amount of carbon we can each afford to emit in a year? All their air travel – living it up while they can – will hasten and exacerbate the climate crisis.

Experts say we all need to drastically reduce:
1) air travel
2) the amount of meat we eat
3) the number of children we have, and
4) we need to stop using fossil fuels – ie: immediately transition to renewable, sustainable energy (I add locally produced and controlled, and from diverse sources).

Tragically, the fossil fuel industry (and nuclear) has a stranglehold on the Canadian government – and worse yet; globally, many governments are puppets of the corporate military-industrial complex. The only hope, if we are to save life on the planet, is to take back control of democracy.

Climate experts who have been sounding the alarm for five decades now, say that we have a decade or less to turn things around before planetary systems – Gulf and jet streams – change and we have no control or ability to offset global warming and its exponentially increasing effects on people and ecosystems, leading swiftly to the extinction of life on Earth.

As a spiritually-focused person, I firmly believe that the Creator would be horrified at how badly we have abused this wonderful world we have been blessed to inhabit, and that we should be good stewards of. Greed, by a tiny minority of power brokers, appears to have taken the upper hand. I believe the story of Jesus turning the tables in the temple is an example of what we ought to be doing now.

I am in awe of people like Elizabeth May and my mom and Greta Thunberg and David Suzuki and Bill McKibben – they are my heroes. They are the real leaders on our planet! The millions who have taken to the streets demanding action and climate justice are also leaders.

I weep for young people today, and for indigenous peoples – they are why I persist in acting to try to get something done in our so-wealthy country to effect a rapid paradigm shift, with justice for all. We desperately need a Green New Deal plus intense retooling of our energy industries, including an immediate transition off fossil fuels. We need to achieve net zero emissions within the next couple of decades, starting NOW! We cannot afford to continue to emit more and more carbon into the atmosphere.

Alberta’s premier is in the dark ages and leading Canada down a very dark rabbit hole for political expediency. It appears he has no vision of the future or understanding of the past ‘feast and famine’ cycles that the fossil fuel industry has brought to Alberta. It’s worse than tragic.
Ontario’s premier is equally brain dead! He is committing Ontario to a nuclear future when all the evidence and financial accounting shows that nuclear energy’s financial costs are ~5X more than any other energy path! Solar and wind and other renewable energies are by far the least expensive energy options worldwide now. They are renewable and sustainable, and easily set up in about 1/14th the time it takes to get nuclear on-stream! And they do not produce long-lived toxic wastes.

I’m in awe of the lack of intelligence of our political leaders. Justin Trudeau is not acting like his father – he seems gutless to stand up to industry. I deduce that industry now runs this country, not the people we elect. We need real leadership by people who not only understand the science, but are willing to take strong action to effect change. Or we are doomed, and taking with us the rest of life on the planet.
How many people, if they understood the seriousness of the situation, would be willing to demand action from our political leaders? That’s the big question.

Molly Mulloy – Prince Edward County resident