Are more tall wood buildings on the way in B.C.?

Provincial government changes B.C. Building Code to allow for mass timber buildings of up to 12 storeys

Brock Commons UBC student housing

Brock Commons is an 18-storey student residential building at UBC made out of cross-laminated timber. Image via YouTube

Would you like to live in a tall building made out of engineered wood?

There could soon be a rise – literally – in wooden residential buildings across the province, after the B.C. government announced changes to the provincial Building Code to allow for mass timber structures of up to 12 storeys, up from the previous limit of six storeys.

“Mass timber technology allows faster construction where large sections of a building can be manufactured in a plant and then assembled on site,” said housing minister Selina Robinson in the March 13 announcement. “The faster we can deliver the homes that people need, the better for communities right across B.C.” MORE