Ford’s bill changes won’t save you a dime

hydroone.jpg (350×454)

The Ford government thinks playing with your hydro bill layout – by breaking out the large provincial subsidy introduced by the Wynne government – will make you feel better about electricity costs. But what they’re not transparent about is their failure to deliver on their promise to cut electricity bills by 12% – on the contrary, rates have actually increased.

What would really make people feel better would be if the government ACTUALLY REDUCED BILLS instead of merely playing with the look of our hydro bills. It can do that by taking Quebec up on its repeated offer to sell Ontario low-cost water power to replace nuclear power that costs 3 times as much.

Image result for transmission linesBuying low-cost hydro energy from Quebec would reduce hydro bills substantially.

It’s time for the Ford Government to stop protecting our bloated nuclear industry and instead make a sensible deal for some of the lowest-cost power available anywhere – water power from Quebec.

Tell your MPP (and cc me) that you don’t just want more transparency, you want actual savings. SOURCE