To PEC Council: “Don’t make life miserable for my son.”

Don’t destroy my children’s future

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Three wind turbines sit stagnant at the White Pines Wind Farm nearly a year after the province cancelled the contract for the project. Picture provided by Don Ross.

Jennifer Ackerman: I am here today with my son Liam. Liam just graduated grade eight three weeks ago. Because of Liam I continue to fight to help slow down the effects of global warming, because  unlike those of you here that are fighting to destroy our wind farm, I will not be any part of making life miserable for my son.

Taking away hope causes depression;  with depression comes more suicides . We now have a medical term called climate depression. Greta Thunburg, the teenager from Sweeden, has said, “Why go to school to educate ourselves for a beter future, if there will be no future ?”

Greta Thunberg Photo: The Guardian

That is how many of our young people are feeling today.

As a landowner for turbine nine, I have private property that accesses  also to # 8 and # 10, as well as # 9. I am NOT agreeing to any contract allowing anyone on my property with the intention of dismantling and devastating our hope, which will in part  destroy my children’s future.

Most of you on council will be dead before the full impact of climate change hits, so you don’t care. You continue to see only your own wealth and selfish future. Well I don’t. I see Liam.

Leo Hynes falls behind Liam Ackerman in their race down the hill Saturday. (Chad Ibbotson/Gazette staff)

The best thing that the people of the County can do to prove to the world that we are not just a money hungry tourist trap destination, and that we really do care about the future of all life on Earth — and we want to do our part to help slow down the effects of climate change — is to get our wind farm project back on track. It needs to be completed and allowed to start generating clean energy! We need to show our intelligence and set an example to all of Canada. We are not as backwards-thinking as it appears we are, from past mistakes.

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Wpd’s White Pines project was due to feature nine Senvion MM92 2MW models

There were a few South Marysburgh residents who thought they had some kind of special rights to decide for all the people in the area that a wind farm was a bad idea. Many of those people have now moved out of Milford, or have died.

This outdated mistake needs to be changed to willing host, now. There isn’t much time to waste. If there is an agreewment reached soon that forces WPD to tear down our wind farm, we will pay an unacceptable environmental price plus a ridiculous 100 million dollars. There will be many months upon months of exhaust pollution from approximately 1000 dump truck loads carrying tons upon tons of smashed up rebar and cement and dumping it in some landfill. There will be months of exhaust fumes from huge ram hoes, cranes, dozers, adding carbon pollution, noise, vibrations, road damage, squishing all those endangered Blanding’s turtles, disrupting the habitat that has adjusted to the turbine sites, and appalling the tourists and majority of County residents!

The news of this disaster will hit all the media because it does not only effect one little area like the County. This is a world wide problem, and every decision made here or anywhere else in the world effects all life. Cutting down rainforests in Brazil effects us in Canada. Shutting down a wind farm in the County negatively effects everyone everywhere. County leaders that plan to sit back and turn a blind eye to this wind farm will be ridiculed and attacked from environmentalists,the Green Party,the media, the general public, the Fridays for Futures kids, and eventually your own children as their future happiness and health disintegrates.

The negative effect of the cancellation of White Pines goes beyond just energy creation. The creation of a beautiful meadow, 74 hectares of bird and pollinator habitat will be plowed underground and turned into a hay field. This thriving bird paradise was planted in in 2015, and has been paid for and maintained by WPD.

To establish such a spectacular meadow, composed of millions of wild flowers and a selection carefully chosen special grasses, is a move in the right direction. This habitat was intentionally created and planted to encourage and increase the population of threatened species such as bobolinks and whippoorwills. Also, it was designed to attract and feed our dwindling numbers of butterflies and bees which we all know have been put at risk due to humans destroying their habitat. The Blanding’s turtle, which has been highly overused as leverage to stop the wind farm would have had a chance to be removed from the threatened species list, if WPD was allowed to build the turtle nursery and education area at the Toronto zoo as they had offered to do at a cost to them of over two million dollars; but like all their offers, the County turned it down.Turtles can not fly, so how would a turbine kill a turtle anyways? The turbines are already built, so they won’t get run over by WPD workers’ trucks.

Now I would like to present the County councilors with an offer.

Since I have been endlessly accused of only wanting a wind farm because I am a landowner to turbine nine and would be making money because of the project, I would like to prove that my passion for wind farms has nothing to do with money. I am offering my entire 20 year lease money to the County which would be approximately $20,000  a year, to be used only for the purpose of helping the many environmental issues we face here. The money would be spent on such things as wetland protection and rehabilitation, bird and pollinator habitat creation, educational programs in schools, injured wildlife rescue and release, tree planting programs, shoreline protection, garbage cleanup to name a few. This offer is ONLY if this White Pines wind farm cancellation decision is reversed and the blades start spinning.

Consider also, how far 100 million dollars would go if put towards fighting climate change instead of being taken from Ontario residents, including you,to pay the dept owed to WPD.

I am here asking you today to commit to doing more than just giving up plastic drinking straws as a solution to the climate emergency problem, but to do the right thing.

I am asking this new council to reverse this insane decision handed down from the past council, and lets proudly boast a willing host status in support of clean energy. Lets be a place where we are proud to say, we are doing our part,and helping our children, and all living creatures.

LETTER: Comments concerning climate emergency require clarification

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“If we are serious about making changes here that will help with the climate change emergency,  you cannot be an unwilling host for a green energy wind farm and tear it down.”

I want to thank the Picton Gazette for their on going coverage of the White Pines wind farm  saga;  the most recent article published in the June 20, 2019 edition of the Picton Gazette was  really appreciated and well written.

I was however a bit taken aback when I read the last part of the article.

Since the reporter , Desiree Decoste  and I were talking casually about the situation for at least an hour  as she enjoyed the tour of the wind farm, it seems some of the comments need further clarification by me.

There are a huge amount of wind energy supporters in Prince Edward County and beyond, so when I read the line saying  that I was going to the East coast to live by a wind farm where people care,  it sounded like I meant that nobody in the County cares, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

So many people have called me to thank me for my ongoing efforts and have been clear on where they stand in the wind debate, there are far more wind farm supporters than there are  anti -wind people.

When I was talking about the climate emergency that the County of Prince Edward just declared, I certainly did say the County was an embarrassment when it comes to that because we say the words but don’t act the part.

If we are serious about making changes here that will help with the climate change emergency,  you cannot be an unwilling host for a green energy wind farm and tear it down. The devastating environmental impact of such actions would be huge. also, we can’t keep approving and building non-stop on wildlife habitat and agricultural land, caring only about a dollar and not the lives these decisions are destroying.

So yes, if this County makes choices against the environment and for the economic growth by destroying our natural resources, then this place is an embarrassment to the rest of Canada.

How can a person not feel  ashamed to be a part of a place that works against the need to change?

A place that ignores the warnings of climate change  and destroys a wind farm that should  have been producing clean energy for months now.

The other clarification needed in the article was about the leadnow petition which was completed months ago so people can not sign there.

There are 19,000 names and comments from people who care about their children’s future and the fate of all that share this suffering  planet, but the best thing we the supporters can do is to keep voicing your opinion to MPP Todd Smith and Premier Doug Ford.

If this wind farm comes down  I don’t know how any one who fought against it can feel good when they look in their children’s eyes and tell them ‘I am proud to be a part of destroying your healthy future and taking away your hope’.

Jen Ackerman


Annual Global Wind Day utilized to bring attention to idle White Pines project

BLOWING IN THE WIND- Wind Energy proponent Jen Ackerman was giving tours of yet-to-be-assembled wind turbines in the Milford area on Saturday as part of Wind Energy Day. (Desirée Decoste/Gazette Staff)

The wind blew the public to Milford this weekend as proponents of the White Pines wind turbine installation offered a chance to convey their message the cancelled green energy project could still generate energy for Ontario’s power grid.

Global Wind Day was celebrated Saturday at Jen Ackerman’s bakery/variety store, Live Laugh Eat in Milford with turbine ‘tours’ down the street.
A worldwide event that occurs annually on June 15, Global Wind Energy is organized by WindEurope and Global Wind Energy Council.
It’s a day to celebrate wind energy and exchange information about wind energy, its power and the possibilities it holds to change the world.
Upwards of 20 people took time to check out one of the non-functioning turbines in the Milford area.
“I have turbine nine on my property but it’s just that much further to have to go,” Ackerman told the Gazette. “ Here (Kevin Wanamaker’s turbine) is better for showing people because you have the stages, you have the finished one but you also have the partially finished one and all the blades are laying down, when people actually see them and put their hands on them it’s a whole different experience.”
Ackerman told the Gazette has spent thousands of dollars committed hundreds of hours and a lot of energy on drawing attention to the devastating implications that will result in the dismantling of this near finished wind farm.
“A small but loud group  were able to convince Bay of Quinte MPP Todd Smith to cancel this project through his new boss, Premier Doug Ford,” Ackerman declared. “We the quiet majority regret now the mistake we made by being too quiet. We are not quiet now and have not been for almost a year.”
Ackerman said the plan now is to approach County Council in a specially requested meeting where she plans on cramming a hundred or more participants into Shire Hall.
“This County has become a place the locals don’t even recognize anymore with our shore lines being taken over with cottage resorts and million dollar homes,” Ackerman expressed. “The wetlands and treed areas are being clear cut  to accommodate the rich newcomers homes/swimming pools/tennis courts showing no respect for the environment, the wild life that live there or the life style of the locals.”
Ackerman gathered signatures for a petition and has over 19, 000 on one and 350 on a separate, only locals petition, all supporting White Pines Wind Farm.
“I will continue to try to educate people on the power of wind and it’s benefits,” Ackerman stated. “The County is an embarrassment to Ontario and Canada and I’m ashamed to be a part of this place. When I move East I will be looking for a wind farm to live by, so I can be around people who care.”
If you would like to watch a documentary on the Wind Farm please visit

Todd Smith, Let the tourists know that we are not as stupid as they think we are

Holding the provincial government accountable, Jen Ackerman suggests a solid plan to do some good for the planet and our future in Prince Edward County. Have you written your letter?

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For 200 years, Prince Edward County has been an agricultural community protected from industrial and urban development. Photo: Court Noxon

Mr. Smith,

Last week the County declared a climate emergency, like many other cities and Counties throughout Ontario. What do you suppose would be a good start to proving that we, the residents of the County, actually care about climate change and the fate of the planet? Will you and Mr, Ford simply brush it off and turn a blind eye to the fact that we are strongly pushing to have changes made?

We are telling you loud and clear that we do not want to see any more slashes and devastating decisions that favour only rich developers and not the environment.

Do you have a solid plan to do some good for the planet and our future, or are you going to continue with the wrecking ball theme that you have so clearly been using ?

Some suggestions for you to act on in order to work with the County residents that strongly spoke up for the Climate Emergency Declaration are,

First, let the White Pines Wind Farm start creating clean green energy, since they are standing idle and doing no good for anyone.

Let the tourists know that we in the County are not as stupid as they think we are. Many dozens of tourists have come into my shop, in total disbelief that a government could do such a wasteful , backwards move , as to cancel this project. When I tell them the whole story, they get quite angry at you and Mr. Ford for doing more harm to our already suffering planet.

These visible symbols of hope, standing so gracefully,for all to see,need to be working, as part of our action to try to reverse the effects of climate change.

That is why the County has declared an emergency, because there is one, and it is getting more obvious each and every day.

While our beneficial wind project is being completed (which will only take a few weeks ) and the turbines are getting ready to spin, we need to focus on plastic use, and pushing people to stop the careless and unnecessary use of one time use plastics.

Image result for plastic shopping bagsGrocery stores need to do away with plastic bags, plastic packaging and plastic products such as straws, so consumers get in the habit of using reusable bags and containers.

Another idea is to put the rebate back in place for electric car buyers, so that more people will stop using gas guzzling vehicles and go clean.

Image result for trees prince edward county

Another thought is to start replacing each tree taken down by the County along roadsides, with two new ones. Better yet, stop killing all the trees, when they are mainly sugar maples with no health issues. Get someone from Trees for Life because they know trees and are best to asses the health/safety of these trees.

As well as that the clearing of hedge rows must be stopped. Farmers always left them for a reason, now money and greed once again rule and killing the habitat and occupants of the hedgerows has become another reckless and nearsited decision.

Another suggestion to show the County recognizes that we are in a climate emergency,is to stop clear cutting for housing developments, build on non agricultural and non forested/ water habitat areas.

Stop putting money ahead of the health and the well being of all who are living here,

The suggestions are many, but it takes action to put the ideas into motion.So , Mr. Smith and all other politicians, what is YOUR plan to help with this emergency ?

Jen Ackerman Milford