LETTER: Addressing Ontario’s disastrous energy policy

Image result for Independent Electricity System Operator transmission linesHydro Quebec is offering us a 20-year electricity deal at a price that is 45% lower than Ontario Power Generation’s current price of nuclear electricity

Dear Leaders of the Opposition at Queen’s Park,

According to the Independent Electricity System Operator, Ontario’s electricity-related greenhouse gas pollution will rise 300% between 2017 and 2025 as the province ramps up the output of gas plants to keep our lights on when the Pickering A and B Nuclear Stations close in 2022 and 2024 respectively. This is concerning given that Provincial Auditor Bonnie Lysak has found that the Ford Government’s climate plan is full of holes and will not meet its already inadequate targets, a finding that comes on the heels of Energy Minister Greg Rickford claiming that tearing up 800 green energy contracts would not lead to increased use of gas generating plants.

Fortunately, we don’t need to increase greenhouse-gas pollution in the midst of the world’s climate emergency. We still have zero emissions options to keep our lights on, which includes all those wind and solar energy projects that have been cancelled and in some cases, as here in Milford,  being torn down at huge expense to taxpayers and our environment. ( see www.windinthecounty.com )

By making a deal for low-cost water power with Quebec and by investing in energy efficiency, we can lower our greenhouse gas pollution and our electricity bills.Unfortunately, Premier Ford isn’t interested, even though Hydro Quebec is offering us a 20-year electricity deal at a price that is 45% lower than Ontario Power Generation’s current price of nuclear electricity. And the cost of energy efficiency is 80% lower than the price of nuclear electricity.

We are respectfully asking you 3 opposition party leaders to  jointly move a motion in the Ontario Legislature requesting that Ontario make a deal with Hydro Quebec to prevent rising greenhouse gas pollution from our gas plants. Thank you for considering our request.

Don & Heather Ross, Millford, ON

Nfld. & Labrador: Quebec’s top court rules for N.L. in Churchill Falls dispute with Hydro-Québec

The ruling says Churchill Falls Corp. Ltd. has the right to sell energy produced over a certain threshold.

The town of Churchill Falls, N.L., is seen from the air in November 2009. (Kevin Bissett/The Canadian Press)

Newfoundland and Labrador has achieved a rare win in its longstanding battle with Hydro-Québec over a 50-year-old agreement on sales of Churchill Falls power that has long been a source of contention for the province.

The Quebec Court of Appeal says in a ruling that Churchill Falls Corp. Ltd. — a subsidiary of Newfoundland’s Crown corporation overseeing hydroelectricity — has the right to sell energy produced above a certain threshold. Hydro-Québec retains the right to sell Churchill Falls energy up to a monthly cap.

That’s good news for Newfoundland and Labrador because it ensures that Churchill Falls Corp. can manage water on the Upper Churchill to avoid negatively affecting the Muskrat Falls facility’s ability to generate power, said Premier Dwight Ball.

The province will be able to set a threshold for the size of reservoirs and ensure adequate flow from the Upper Churchill to the Lower Churchill, he said.

“At least now from a water management point of view, we will not have to worry about that again,” said Ball.

The decision is the latest round in a battle that reached the Supreme Court of Canada, which ruled last year that Hydro-Québec had no obligation to modify its 1969 deal, which has provided much more financial benefit to Quebec than to Newfoundland and Labrador. MORE

Plugging Ontario into a Green Energy Future

Electricity price alert

On January 1st Ontario Power Generation (OPG) raised its price of nuclear power by 7% to 8.8 cents per kWh.

As a result, the price of nuclear power has doubled since 2002.

When will the promise be kept?To add insult to injury, OPG has told the Ontario Energy Board that it needs to increase its price of nuclear power by a further 88% between now and 2025 to pay for the re-building of its Darlington Nuclear Station. If this occurs, Premier Ford will not be able to keep his promise to lower our electricity costs by 12%.

Fortunately, the solution to our rising electricity rates lies just east of the Ottawa River. Quebec is the 4th largest producer of water power in the world and it has a large and rising supply of low-cost water power available for export to Ontario at a fraction of the cost of nuclear power.

Please contact Premier Ford and ask him to buy low-cost Quebec water power and cancel the high-cost Darlington Re-Build Project.

Premier Ford’s cell phone # is 416-805-2156. His email is Doug.Ford@pc.ola.org. Click here to send him a message now.

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