Electoral Reform Didn’t Fly. Here’s Another Way to Fix Our Democracy

Greens and NDP need to merge, and we need to do more to stop the election spending race.

John Horgan and Andrew Weaver handshake
Greens and New Democrats are going steady under Premier John Horgan and Green leader Andrew Weaver. If they want to win under first-past-the-post, they need to tie the knot. Photo from John Horgan, Facebook.

The voters have spoken. We can now leave proportional representation in the hands of countries like Sweden and New Zealand.

“Under FPTP, parties build their coalitions before the election. Under PR, they build their coalitions after the election.”

But the basic problem with first-past-the-post remains: against a fragmented opposition, even a party supported by a minority of voters can enjoy a landslide victory. And if that minority has rich supporters, it can stay in power a long, long time. MORE