Save so money, protect the environment,  and save your health by avoiding risky commercial cleaning products. 


Did you know that indoor air is 10 to 20 times more polluted than outside air? Up to 900 volatile organic compounds can be found in the air of our homes.

An average Canadian family uses between 20 and 40 liters of cleaners a year. For the majority of products, it is one or more undesirable substances that hide inside the bottle, presenting risks for health and for the environment.

Green household products are increasingly present on supermarket shelves, but it is unfortunately very difficult to navigate. The simplest solution for not bringing these unwanted products home is to read the label.


If you can count on the help of young children, Option Consommateur has created a guide specifically for them, Nettonsons écolo , to make them aware of the toxicity of products. The proposed recipes can make the task quite fun!

If you really want to buy your cleaners, there are EcoLogo certified commercial products on the market. This will guarantee you a biodegradable and environmentally friendly product subject to strict environmental standards.

For a much cheaper solution than commercial products, know that you certainly have on hand all the products needed to maintain your home daily.

  • Lemon Juice : In addition to being antiseptic and sanitizing, it will be useful to remove fingerprints in the mirrors and leave a sweet smell of freshness in the house
  • White vinegar : An ecological, but above all economical, ally, vinegar is the ultimate multipurpose cleaner. Naturally disinfectant, it will also be your best friend to fight the traces of limestone left in your shower.
  • Table salt : Nothing better than a good salt scrub to scour the bathtub. Rub with a little vinegar, it will be like new!
  • Baking soda : Its reputation for removing odors from the fridge is more to do, but baking is also a very good abrasive. Light, so it will be very useful to clean the pans. In addition, mixed with a little lemon, it is very effective to remove stains of any kind



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Mopping the kitchen floorMost of us are exposed to cleaning products and their residues every day. (Photo: rawpixel via Unsplash)

Canada doesn’t require warnings about hazards from chemicals in cleaning products. But most of us are exposed to these every day! So make your own. Discover the eco-friendly cleaning powers of castile soap and soap nuts. Both can be fair trade, not tested on animals and free of fragrance and petroleum. Learn how to shop for “green” cleaners, too.

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