Letter: Whether it’s beer or windfarms, Ford Government breaking contracts is going to be costly

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Good Morning,

I have been listening the last 2 days [Anna Marie Tremonti’s show `The Current’] as this subject has been discussed and aside  from my personal perspective on the matter of where I buy beer, I am once again blown away by this governments lack of respect for CONTRACTS and the resultant costs that we are going to be incurring as taxpayers.  I find that it is a joke to hear comments being made from the  government side “that this shows Ontario’s willingness to be open for business” and “growing the economy”.  What business person would want to invest in a Province that cancels contracts on a whim.?!

The WPD Wind Farm in Milford, Prince Edward County was the first contract the Ontario PC’s cancelled when they came into power last year along with other environmental projects, and it is estimated that cancellation alone will be costing us $100-200 Million. That is a lot of money that could be used towards the Provincial cuts they felt necessary to make to Education / Healthcare / Autism / Municipalities!!
I am a supporter of the group that is trying to draw attention to the Wind Farm issue before it is too late and I would like to suggest that timing is good to give this group a bit of press as they fight to draw attention to this particular CONTRACT CANCELLATION that has even bigger human ramifications than where we buy our beer.  There are some very intelligent people who I think would love to have a chance to tell their story of the WPD contract cancellation on your show.
Please take a look at the website windinthecounty.com and the 17 minute documentary entitled `Up In The Air’ that has been made on the subject. It is an excellent overview of a very concerning situation brought about by this current government.
I think it is a news item that should be getting some broader  attention as it was the first of the contracts the PC’s cancelled and I believe is an issue that got buried in all the other `fires’ this government has set over these last months.
We Ontario residents need to be hearing more about  this governments disregard of contracts and what it is costing us on more fronts than just financially.
Thank you for consideration,
Carol Cooke