Young people could decide the outcome of the Canadian election this October.

This is our time to decide — our time for a Green New Deal.

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Are you a young person or a millennial?

Sign the pledge to vote for candidates who support a Green New Deal — a real action plan that tackles climate change and inequality.

For decades, fossil fuel billionaires and their political allies have put people and the planet in jeopardy. Last fall, scientists confirmed we only have 12 years to cut our emissions in half to avoid catastrophic climate change.

While the political establishment continues compromising our future, inequality keeps rising, injustice deepens, and the climate crisis gets worse and worse. Their time is over. The 2019 election is Our Time.

For this campaign, we’re focused on organizing young people and millennials under the age of 35. But to win, we will need everyone. If you’re young at heart or an ally in this fight, click here to join the movement.


Jason Kenney’s United Conservatives issue warning to Suzuki Foundation after winning Alberta majority

Jason Kenney is just one of the many Conservative politicians (think Ford Nation and Bay of Quinte) who live in a make believe world where climate denial is the coin of the realm. They need to know that you support science based policies and action on our climate emergency. Don’t let them get away with their preposterous bluster unchallenged. Phone or write to them. It’s your family that is under threat.

Jason Kenney addresses a Calgary crowd on Oct. 28, 2017 after winning the United Conservative Party leadership. Photo by Louie Villanueva

Alberta will soon have a new premier who has pledged a crackdown on environmental groups that criticize the oil-rich province’s fossil fuel industry.

Premier-designate Jason Kenney told a cheering crowd in Calgary last night that he would no longer let the province get pushed around by charitable groups such as the David Suzuki Foundation.

Kenney, who won a crushing majority government last night, also said that Alberta would do its part to fight climate change and promote reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, but he pledged to kill the province’s climate change policies, including a carbon tax.

Kenney’s victory coincides with the release of a new federal government climate change report showing that the province’s oilsands sector now produces more carbon pollution than the entire province of Quebec or the entire province of British Columbia. MORE


Oilsands polluted more than entire economies of B.C. or Quebec

PETERBOROUGH LETTER: Without electoral reform, it’s just more of the same


An effective letter can help support social justice campaigns–in this case, Fair Vote Canada.  For your convenience, the RESOURCES section  of this site contains email addresses for all MPs and MLAs. Your letter can make a difference.

Canadian flags are illuminated by the setting sun on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Monday, Feb. 18, 2019. – Sean Kilpatrick , The Canadian Press

I have followed the SNC-Lavalin scandal with interest and great sorrow for my country. The most ironic aspect is the idea that this is “deja vue all over again.” I see Conservative MPs scrambling to outdo their colleagues’ outrage in order to defend our institutions and our democracy.

Believe me, I am no apologist for Liberals in general, nor Mr. Trudeau in particular. I am no fan of how he, and they are running our Canada, including the current scandal. I am reminded of our current MP, who as a candidate said ad nauseam, “We’re going to do politics in a different way.” Funny how “Sunny ways” and the Harper way are eerily similar.

Both provincially and federally we’ve heard this song and danced to it many times before. We throw the current “bums” out and the next election spawns scandals of the new set of “bums.” … If Mr. Trudeau and our Liberal MP had kept their most fundamental promise that this would be,”the last election under First Past the Post” the next election would have, under (MMP) Mixed Member Proportional Representation, given Canadians co-operative, responsible leadership. It would have been a Parliament consisting of members of each party working together to form a government whose priority was providing its citizens with a truly “Just Society,” making life better for all Canadians while protecting the planet as opposed to wasting valuable time continuously “covering their butts.”

Please visit the Fair Vote Canada website in order to make an informed decision on the important topic of electoral reform. Canadian Democracy depends on it. MORE

The world is facing a climate emergency (but, of course, not in Prince Edward County)

Prince Edward Councillors should hang their heads in shame.

Todd Smith photo
Todd Smith, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, whose claim to fame is stifling employment and sustainable development in Prince Edward County by shutting down the White Pines Wind Project that consists of 9 wind turbines with a nameplate capacity of 18.45 megawatts (MW) of emissions-free renewable energy .

Climate emergency?  What climate emergency?

Where is the county’s climate emergency plan? Where is the coordinated leadership to address climate mitigation and to inspire conservation, green growth and climate action? Where is the County’s New Green Deal?

”You are not mature enough to tell it like it is. Even that burden you leave to your children.” @GretaThuberg

While  100+ Cities Commit to Clean with 100% Renewable Energy and cities are leading the fight against climate disaster–not in Prince Edward, where councillors sleep the good sleep after filling potholes. Time for leadership? Not so much.

Save The White Pines Wind Project








Road to the Green New Deal Tour

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In 2018, young Sunrise leaders put the Green New Deal on the map and permanently changed the conversation on climate policy in this country. The political establishment is scrambling to keep up with thousands of people across the country who are eager to take action and bring the promise of the Green New Deal into reality. The Koch Brothers are desperately trying to erode the incredible, bipartisan support that poll after poll shows for the Green New Deal.

That’s why we’re launching Road to the Green New Deal, 8 massive tour stops and over 100 town halls all across America. Our goals:

  • Give every single American an opportunity to hear from their neighbors about how the Green New Deal will improve their lives.
  • Counter the lies coming from the Koch Brothers and their allies.
  • Grow our movement to transform the 2020 election into a referendum on climate action. MORE

2019 is the year young people rise for climate justice

Photo Credit: Allan Lissner

In Ottawa, Canada — unsurrendered lands of the Algonquin Anishnabe, water protectors and land defenders from across the country gathered on February 14–18th for the mass youth climate convergence, Powershift: Young and Rising, organized by 20 youth. Young and Rising came at a critical time in Canada, falling months after the worst wildfire season on record in the country and reports that glaciers are melting much faster than expected in the North.

Even with the latest UN report stating we have less than 12 years to radically transition off of fossil fuels to prevent the worst possible climate crisis, the Canadian government continues to invest in the oil industry at the cost of Indigenous rights and a liveable planet, while promoting a public image of reconciliation and climate leadership.

Within the past year, the Canadian government purchased an oil pipeline for $4 billion taxpayer dollars, and forcefully removed the Wet’suwet’en Nation from their unsurrendered lands (which they had already proven title to in the Supreme Court) for the Coastal Gas Link pipeline. Kanahus Manuel, Secwepemc Tiny House Warrior, aptly dubbed pipelines in Canada as “transportation corridors that are taking stolen resources off of Indigenous territories,” in her keynote at Young and Rising.

“We are told that we have 12 years to act before irreversible catastrophe yet the urgency of the crisis is flatly denied or met with false solutions. We must build mass power capable of actually reversing this trajectory,” Nayeli Jimenez, Powershift Organizer told me.

Nayeli affirmed that the real solutions are being championed at the grassroots level, “Indigenous communities are standing on the frontlines against resource extraction and fossil fuel infrastructure across Turtle Island.” MORE

One activist on her decision to shun Trudeau: ‘A refusal to sit idle’

Riley Yesno: Why absence and silence was so powerful at Daughters of the Vote

Trudeau looks to the audience for a question following his speech to Daughters of the Vote in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Wednesday April 3, 2019. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld)

“Your seat is your power. By giving up your seat you’re giving up your power”.

That’s what Maryam Monsef, Minister for Women and Gender Equality, told me and the other two dozen or so delegates from Daughters of the Vote, who protested in the House of Commons by walking out on Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and turning our backs on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on April 3.

Run by the non-profit organization Equal Voice Canada, the Daughters of the Vote program is an initiative that brings together 338 women, gender-fluid and non-binary folk—one from every federal riding in Canada—to engage with women in politics, sit and speak in the House of Commons, and provide a platform for young leaders to have their voices amplified.

Although many of my fellow delegates and I didn’t say a word during our protests earlier this week, I think our messages were certainly heard.

The peaceful action attracted unanticipated media attention as reporters and journalists swarmed many of my colleagues following our exit from the House. The main question they wanted answered: Why?

Read more: The fall of the feminist Prime Minister

While I cannot speak on behalf of any of my peer’s individual motives, I know that some said they were prompted, at least in part, by the ejection of former ministers Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott from the Liberal caucus.Others said they protested in response to the policies, programs, and beliefs held by  Scheer and  Trudeau that have violent implications for their communities; such as Scheer’s anti-2SLGBTQ+ stances on marriage equality, or the Trudeau government’s sale of weaponry to countries like Saudi Arabia and large-scale environmental offences for example. Several people simply saw others taking action, and knew that this was a time to enact meaningful allyship and show solidarity. MORE


Daughters of the Vote discuss participating in politics, MPs being kicked out of caucus

Montrealers take to the streets to protest Quebec’s proposed religious symbols ban

Bill 21 would ban some public employees from wearing symbols of their faith

Thousands of people gathered in downtown Montreal on Sunday to protest Quebec’s proposed Bill 21. (Graham Hughes/Canadian Press)

Thousands of protesters gathered in downtown Montreal on Sunday afternoon to protest the Quebec government’s Bill 21 — proposed legislation that would ban some public employees from wearing symbols of their faith.

“Quebec is not France, long live the difference!” protesters chanted in French while clapping their hands and cheering.

Protesters gathered next to the Berri-UQAM Metro station before marching down René-Lévesque Boulevard.

Image result for quebec bill 21 protest
People hold up signs as they march during a demonstration in Montreal, Sunday, in opposition to the Quebec government’s newly tabled Bill 21. – Graham Hughes , The Canadian Press

Sunday’s protest is the latest of several events organized since the bill was tabled in late March. Many community and political groups have voiced opposition to the bill, saying it will reduce religious freedoms in the province. MORE

TAKE ACTION! PM Trudeau: Don’t let Imperial Metals off the hook for the Mt. Polley mining disaster

Image result for Sumofus PM Trudeau: Don't let Imperial Metals off the hook for the Mt. Polley mining disaster

Just today, Canada’s Auditor General released an alarming report urging Trudeau’s government to do a better job to sanction mining companies when they fail to protect Canadian waters and fish. 

And there is one mining company in particular that Trudeau needs to act on — Imperial Metals.

Almost five years ago, Imperial Metals’ Mount Polley Mine spilled 25 million cubic metres of toxic waste into pristine Quesnel Lake, one of the deepest lakes in the world. The lake is home to multiple fish species, and supplies drinking water to local communities. Until now, the federal government has let Imperial Metals off the hook for the largest mining waste spill in Canadian history — but we’re going to change this. 

The clock is ticking: the government has until August 4th, 2019, to charge Imperial Metals. That’s why we need to turn up the heat now and force Trudeau’s hand.

Tell Trudeau’s government not to let Imperial Metals off the hook. Enforce the Fisheries Act now!

Canada is warming faster than we thought. What can we do about it?

While global temperatures have increased 0.8 C since 1948, Canada has seen an increase of 1.7 C — more than double the global average. And in the Arctic, the warming is happening at a much faster rate of 2.3 C, the Changing Climate report says.

A large stack from the Sault Paper Mill. Photo: Billy Wilson/Flickr
Photo: Billy Wilson/Flickr

new report leaked one day early from Environment and Climate Change Canada shows that Canada is experiencing warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world, with Northern Canada heating up at almost three times the global average.

The changing climate report was prepared in a similar way to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports, as a synthesis of hundreds of peer-reviewed studies. It included details on a familiar catalogue of the impacts we can expect, not limited to increases in precipitation (particularly in winter), “extreme fire weather” and water supply shortages in summer, threatened freshwater systems, marine ecosystem collapse and a heightened risk of coastal flooding. As the Toronto Star noted, the report concluded that “even if countries around the world stick to their commitments under the 2016 Paris Agreement, Canada is still likely to experience a range of consequences like rising sea levels, shrinking glaciers and Arctic ice cover, increased risk of summertime water shortages and more frequent droughts, floods and wildfires.”

In some ways, this information is new — the degree and scope to which this land has and will be impacted has never been collated with this much certainty before. The idea that Canada will be impacted more than average by climate change may alert some people who have bought into the selfish and false talking point that we will not be terribly adversely impacted by this crisis, that it could even be a good thing for us. It may jolt others out of complacency. But for people who are already grappling with the full scale of the climate crisis, there’s been more than enough scientific evidence and Indigenous knowledge shared to indicate that this is an emergency. As the Northwest Territories Chapter of the Council of Canadians wrote, “We’ve seen the changes; now we have the data. But still there are people crying ‘fake news.’ Those of us wanting a livable planet need to step up the push for a Green New Deal for Canada and the NWT.”

We wrote about our takeaways from the special IPCC report on 1.5 C late last year for people interested it fighting for climate justice, and thought we would reiterate some of them in the wake of this Canada-specific report.

The most important thing to remember it’s still within our reach to avoid most of the future impacts the report describes. We have the solutions. We have many roadmaps for a fair transition on the necessary timeline, but to get there we will need to multiply the people power pushing for them. MORE