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According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Chamge Special Report: Global Warming of 1.5 degrees C., to prevent climate catastrophe, global CO2 emissions must fall to about 17.6 billion tonnes annually by 2030. This implies a global per capita average of 2.1 tonnes.

Canada’s Green New Deal says a Canadian carbon footprint of 10 tonnes per person meets the demands of this science.

The Green Party of Canada says a Canadian carbon footprint of 7.1 tonnes per person exceeds the demands of this science.

Both organizations contend that these reductions from our current 22 tonne per person carbon emission level contribute to achieving the scientifically necessary global average.

These are lies.

If they were taught the truth about climate disruption, a Canadian child in grade five or six could easily spot the deception. As things stand, most Canadian adults, including most self-identified climate activists, including David Suzuki and Naomi Klein, are too deceived, too lazy, too stupid, too uncaring, too deep in denial, or too invested in their own class interests to understand the basic math.

Here it is, for anyone who gives a crap.

Canadians having a carbon footprint of 10 tonnes or 7 tonnes per person by 2030 does not contribute to achieving a global average of 2.1 tonnes per person by 2030.

Instead it contributes to a situation where many, many more people than us must have carbon footprints of less than 2.1 tonnes by 2030 to make up for our failure. This is the rule of averages.

(For example, for every one person with a carbon footprint of 7.1 tonnes annually, more than 2 people have to have a carbon footprint of zero to bring the average down to 2.1 tonnes, or 5 people have to have a carbon footprint of one tonne, and so on.)

It also contributes to a situation where it would have to go without saying that in addition to being denied access to their fair share of the world’s remaining burnable fossil fuel, these low-emitting people would also have to be denied the right to use their carbon emissions quota to keep CO2 out of the atmosphere.

So much for any semblance of global justice with the Green New Deal or the Green Party plan.

In this situation it is the people with carbon footprints lower than 2.1 tonnes who are contributing to saving a livable climate; it is certainly not us.

Q: If the world’s biggest polluters, Canada among them, are only going to cut their emissions in half by 2030, how many of the world’s lowest-emitting countries, how many of the world’s poorest and most energy-starved countries, how many of the world’s countries least able to cut their emissions without inflicting great suffering and risk on their people, must also cut their negligible emissions in half to bring global average per capita emissions down to a safe level (for the people of the global north—a 1.5 degree rise is actually life-threatening for hundreds of millions if not billions in the global south)?


Fuck the Green Party, fuck the Green New Deal. Fuck the NDP, the Liberals, and the Conservatives; they’re even worse.

If we want government that isn’t going to kill our children, destroy civilization, decimate or extinguish all other species of life on earth to protect the privilege and power of the rich, we are going to have to govern ourselves.