ecocideCanada’s shame: the Alberta Tar Sands ecocide

Polly Higgins ‘Ecocide crime: a crime of our time’

How do we protect our Earth? The recent IPCC reports that to obtain a 1.5ºC cap shall require “rapid, far reaching and unprecedented changes.” Can law protect our Earth? Polly speaks on how an international crime of climate ecocide meets the challenge of our time, how we can all rise to the challenge and stand as conscientious protectors, and in so doing expedite a law that holds the possibility of averting climate breakdown.

Vanuatan  minister proposes considering ecocide crime

In perhaps one of the most exciting moments of the past fortnight, Vanuatu is truly emerging as a Great Ocean State in the direction it is taking.  In the first public example of government support from a Pacific island, click on the above Facebook broadcast from the Dutch “Party for the Animals” to see Vanuatan foreign minister Ralph Regenvanu directly acknowledge Polly’s work with his country on ecocide, as well as his intention to propose that the Vanuatan government consider taking ecocide law forward at the ICC.

MEPs to scrutinise ExxonMobil’s alleged role in climate change misinformation