What You Can do:

1.5 to Stay Alive

We only have until 2030 to keep emissions to 1.5 degrees C. If we don’t, runaway feedback loops will make our planet unliveable. Write to your MP to insist they make climate change their main focus. HERE

Contact the County Sustainability Group

Petitions from the NRDC

Demand a democracy where corporations answer to people — not the other way around!

Corporations and the politicians doing their bidding have been waging a decades-long war on democracy. From funding voter suppression to flooding our elections with cash, corporations are using all the means at their disposal to control our political process — just to make a buck.  MORE

Petition to Premier Doug Ford re: We need a Climate Action Plan

The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment  are deeply concerned that in the midst of this worldwide turmoil, your government is dismantling a climate action plan that was 10 years in the making.  That plan included a cap-and-trade program that reduced emissions from large industrial sources in a cost-effective

way, while generating billions of dollars that were being used to reduce emissions from schools, farms, hospitals, housing, the municipal sector, and the transportation sector.  Sign the petition

Since election day on June 7th, the Ontario Green Party have launched 16 calls to action. That’s twice as many as the past year:

  1. Children deserve better than a curriculum from the last century
  2. Ontario Needs a Climate Change Plan
  3. Support Ontario’s Basic Income Project
  4. Tell Doug Ford to stop abusing his power
  5. Don’t give Ford his license to pollute
  6. Support a Basic Income for Ontarians
  7. Help Mike stand up to Ford’s Anti-Climate Agenda
  8. Tell Doug Ford to take Action on Climate Change
  9. Protect our Water: Extend the Bottled Water Moratorium
  10. Stop treating our lakes and rivers like a sewer
  11. Stand up to Ford’s Big Power Grab: Bring Back Oversight
  12. Ask Ford to come clean about his Chief of Staff
  13. Demand a provincial electric vehicle strategy
  14. Demand a real climate plan
  15. Hands off the Greenbelt!
  16. Tell the Health Minister to reverse cuts to Ontario midwive

Take Action!

Canadian Government must protect our rivers from radioactive waste 

Please sign the petition to protect the Ottawa and Winnipeg Rivers currently threatened by three Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ (CNL’s) nuclear waste dump proposals. HERE


Please sign our petition calling on Premier Ford to grow and protect our economy by developing a strategy to ensure that Ontario rapidly becomes a world leader in the production and sale of electric vehicles.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for the petition HERE

No pipelines through Unist’ot’en land

The provincial and federal government must revoke the permits for this project until standards of FPIC under the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) are met.

In addition, the environmental impacts of this project are huge, and it goes against both the BC Provincial and Federal Government’s commitments to address climate change. SIGN HERE


Our federal and provincial governments have committed toreconciliation with First Nations, but right now they’re betraying that commitment. Petition

Tell Cargill and Wilmar to stay out of Guatemala’s conflict palm oil

Tell Cargill and Wilmar to listen to local communities and stay out of Guatemala’s conflict palm oil. Sign the petition 

Sign the Petition: I Oppose Opening Up the Greenbelt to Development

Doug Ford’s Conservatives have introduced Bill 66, which if passed would allow businesses to bypass environmental regulations.[1] One of these regulations prevents development within Ontario’s Greenbelt. Sign Here

Sign the petition: Undocumented immigrants deserve respect, not hate and hypocrisy from Trump

SIgn here

Your Chance to respond to Ontario’s environmental plan


“The proposed Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan reflects our government’s commitment to address the pressing challenges we face to protect our air, land and water, reduce litter and waste, and support Ontarians to continue to do their share to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help communities and families prepare for climate change.” Go to the Environmental Registry site to respond

Help Shape Greenpeace Campaigns

There are a lot of urgent issues calling for our attention right now — with the tragic California wildfires, the latest terrifying report from the world’s leading climate scientists1, and the news that wildlife populations have fallen by 60% on average since the 1970s.2 But campaigns that change the world take planning. We’re thinking big for next year, but we need to hear from you, too. Your input will tell us what you think about our campaigns, what issues are most important to you, and how to prioritize our work in the year ahead.Can you spend five minutes shaping Greenpeace’s campaigns next year?

ACT NOW: Call on Ontario to extend the moratorium on bottled water!

The federal government must reject weak provincial methane pollution regulations. Send your message now to the minister of the environment and climate change. HERE


A new kind of solar cell called a perovskite is improving rapidly, bringing the prospect of solar-powered vehicles, clothing, and windows closer Read More