Without nature, there’s no green recovery

Restore damaged habitats to build back better

As we emerge from our homes after the pandemic and start the journey to economic recovery, we must invest in nature. Habitat restoration is at the heart of recovery for the majority of at-risk species and the key to a sustainable, inclusive future for all.

Habitat loss due to industrial activity threatens species like caribou. Many Indigenous communities are losing access to caribou and with it, experiences, languages and cultural practices related to the land. Food insecurity arises due to habitat destruction and high costs of imported goods. Mainstream economies fail to provide services formerly supported by the forest.

Ask your premier to support restoration of fragmented habitats as a part of their post-pandemic recovery strategy and reconciliation. By reaffirming the commitment to reconciliation and restoration, our premiers have the power help us create a sustainable future for all.

Send a letter to my premier

Wherever we live, our well-being depends on our relationship with nature. Humans are interconnected and interdependent with nature, so species and habitat restoration are key to our survival.

Let’s invest in nature and help ensure a safe, healthy future for our children and future generations of humans and wildlife.


Rachel Plotkin, Boreal Project Manager,
The David Suzuki Foundation

P.S. You can help stop the decline of animals like the boreal woodland caribou. Write your premier now.

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