Treat the Climate as a Crisis. Greta Thunberg’s Appeal to the EU

Greta Thunberg and other young activists, together with 150 scientists and numerous celebrities, have signed an appeal addressed to the European Union.

“We ask you to stop pretending to solve the climatic and ecological emergency without treating it as a crisis “. The Swedish activist Greta Thunberg –   together with three other young ecological militants: the German Luisa Neubauer and the Belgian Anuna de Wever and Adelaide Charlier – has launched a new appeal addressed to the leaders of the European Union .

Greta Thunberg’s requests: stop to fossil fuels, CO2 ceilings and defense of the most vulnerable

On Thursday 16 July, the four activists published an open letter online to the heads of state and government of the 27 EU member countries, accompanied by the hashtag #FaceTheClimateEmergency. The text calls for the implementation of a series of concrete measures . Or the “first steps” to “avoid a disaster”.

Greta Thunberg a Strasbourg © European Union 2019 – Source: EP

The petition calls, among other things, to immediately stop investments in the exploration and extraction of fossil fuels , the introduction of mandatory greenhouse gas emission ceilings and the adoption of climate policies capable of protect workers and the most vulnerable .

“Climate inaction is a capitulation”

But it is also asked to work to ensure that the ecocide is recognized as a crime before the International Court of Justice in The Hague. As well as a change of economic route, which allows us to move towards a “totally zero-emission system , focused on the well-being of all individuals and on the natural world”. Avoiding maintaining a lack of ambition on the part of European leaders, as has happened so far according to the activists, which would amount to “a capitulation”.

Especially in this period, since, according to the letter, the response to the coronavirus pandemic “showed that the climate crisis was never treated as such, neither by politicians, nor by the media, nor by the business world, nor by that of the finance”. In addition, the document highlights dinner the importance of taking social and racial issues into consideration: “Climate justice cannot be done if we continue to ignore other injustices.”

The actor Leonardo DiCaprio © Alex Wong / Getty Images

The letter also signed by Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe and Coldplay

The appeal of the young ecologists was also signed by 150 scientists, including names such as ans Joachim Schnellnhuber, Kevin Anderson and Michael Mann. But also famous people such as the American actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Joaquin Phoenix , the New Zealander Russell Crowe , the French Juliette Binoche or the members of the British band Coldplay .



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