Massive 340,000-panel solar farm to take flight at Edmonton International Airport

UPLOADED BY: Gordon Kent ::: EMAIL: ::: PHONE: 7804295262 ::: CREDIT: Supplied ::: CAPTION: IKEA has installed solar panels on its Edmonton store as part of a move to use more renewable energy, one of the city's largest commercial rooftop solar installations. ORG XMIT: POS1808221549305116

Solar panels. FILE PHOTO

A massive renewable energy project roughly the size of 313 CFL football fields could be arriving in Edmonton by the end of 2022.

Edmonton International Airport announced Tuesday plans to build a 627-acre, 120-megawatt solar farm — enough energy to power 27,000 or 28,000 homes — on the west side of its lands as part of an agreement with European-based renewable energy company Alpin Sun. Solar power from the farm would feed into Fortis Alberta and the airport.

“We’re Canada’s largest airport by land size so we have the space to do something very special. … This will create jobs, provide sustainable solar power for our region and shows our dedication to sustainability.”

If approved by local, provincial, and federal regulators including NAV Canada, construction is expected to begin early 2022 and the farm would be operational by the end of the year. Building the project would create 120 jobs for a year, with up to 250 jobs at its peak.

EIA says the 340,000-solar-panel farm would generate 200,000 MWh a year, which could offset an estimated 106,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. The farm would be separated into two lots, one with 367 acres, and 72 MW, and the second with 259 acres and 48 MW.

Tanni Doblanko, Mayor of Leduc County, welcomed the project.


By Lauren Boothby

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