Public transit needs your help right away.

Please tell the Premier it’s serious…

Because of COVID-19, many transit agencies have had massive drops in ridership, as much as 85 per cent. They’re losing millions of dollars every day.

Solution? The Ontario government should partner with Ottawa to give transit agencies emergency funding.

You can help keep buses rolling. Please urge the premier to share the cost of emergency transit funding with the federal government.

Please tell the Premier that transit funding can’t wait

Public transit is always important. But it’s especially vital during the pandemic.

It helps essential workers — such as nurses and physicians — get to their workplaces. It helps people access groceries, medicine and doctors’ appointments.

In Canada, about a million people — many of them essential workers — still take transit each day.

Buses, light rail and subways are also vital for tackling the climate crisis. If people don’t have alternatives to cars, Ontario won’t meet its climate targets — and that could be disastrous.

Click to support emergency transit funding

The federal government recently announced it will give provinces money to assist with a range of services, including transit. This is great news.

But it’s not clear how much money transit will get and it’s not likely to be enough. Experts say that if transit is to continue running, it needs about $5 billion in emergency funding this year alone.

In addition to federal money, Ontario must provide matching funds.

Please urge the premier to provide emergency funding for transit.

Thank you for being part of the solution.

Gideon Forman, Transportation Policy Analyst, David Suzuki Foundation

P.S. Ottawa’s transit funding announcement is a great step. But the federal government can’t do it alone. Please ask the premier to support emergency transit funding to help tackle the climate crisis.  

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