Stop corporate lobbies from exploiting the coronavirus pandemic

Justin Trudeau: no public money for big polluters

The annual Politics and the Pen, held at the Chateau Laurier, attracts loads of lobbyists. The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

When Canada’s Lobbying Commissioner reported that, under COVID-19, lobbying in March reached the highest level in recent history, I did some digging. [1]

What I found in the Federal Lobby Registry shocked me. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, corporations causing the climate and nature crises have been aggressively lobbying Cabinet Ministers (and their staff) working on Canada’s recovery plan. [2]

When the pandemic hit, you took action that helped stop an initial bailout for Big Oil.Then you advocated for a green and just recovery with your MP. If Cabinet has time to meet with corporate lobbyists, it has time to hear the needs of the electorate to which it is accountable. Tell Cabinet to listen to people, not polluters, by organizing a public consultation on what a green and just recovery should look like.

While we’ve been worrying about keeping our families healthy, looking out for our neighbours,and taking action to support the movement for Black lives against police violence, big business has been looking out for number one.

In less than 3 months, oil, petrochemical and plastic lobbies have had 400+ communications with senior government officials behind closed doors — that’s more than 5 meetings per day. [3]

Their not-so-secret agenda? Trying to use the coronavirus pandemic to win billions of dollars in public money, and weaken or delay action on climate change and nature protection. [4] Demand equal voice now: add your name to call on Cabinet to organize a public consultation on what a green and just economic recovery should look like.

Corporations acting in self-interest will further fuel the climate emergency, biodiversity crisis, and devastating wealth inequality that threaten our future. We can’t count on them for solutions when they are profiting from this broken economic system. Together, we can make our voices louder than corporate lobbyists’ toxic agenda.

Cabinet Ministers can take an immediate step in this direction by organizing a public consultation with us, the people in Canada, on how to address the climate and nature crises while addressing the social inequalities exposed by the pandemic. Email Cabinet now.

Thanks for everything you do.

Jesse, Communications Officer, Greenpeace Canada


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