TAKE ACTION: Tell Your MP What Canadians really want to see


Last week we released the results of a survey asking Canadians what they wanted to see from a post-COVID19 economic recovery plan; the results were astounding:

For example, 3 in 4 Canadians strongly support implementing a “wealth tax” of Canada’s wealthiest people to help pay for the recovery of a post-COVID economy. Read the full survey results.

And so we’re asking you to take action: send your MP a letter.

It’s time to demand your local leaders to listen to the majority of Canadians and deliver a fair, inclusive, and compassionate COVID-19 recovery plan where no one is left behind.

We’ve already drafted a letter you can send immediately here on our website, but you can also customize the letter to reflect the points that are important to you:

You have the power to influence what Canada’s future economic recovery looks like. Click here to send your letter now.

After you’ve sent your letter please share this action with your friends and colleagues and ask them to do the same, send the letter and share with their networks.


Together, we have power and influence!

Cheers, Josh Bizjak, Director of Development, Broadbent Institute


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