It’s time for a frank discussion about weeds

In this time of physical distancing, one unexpected quandary for many urban dwellers has been finding a place to stretch their legs. As people seek respite from their homes, sidewalks and parks have begun to feel rather crowded. This has led some wellness experts to tout the benefits of “forest bathing.” The idea originated in the 1980s in Japan (where it is known as shinrin yoku), and it’s basically a form of nature therapy — the idea is to leave your worries behind by absorbing the sights, smells and sounds of a walk in the woods. If you seek the calming influence of nature but cannot manage to get yourself into a wooded area, one option is to book a guided virtual tour through the California-based organization Forest Bathing International. Here, tour guides will take you through picturesque forests in places like Hawaii, New Zealand and Banff, Alta.


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