TAKE ACTION! Fashion must invest in a green recovery

Filthy Fashion Climate Scorecard | Stand.earth

Which brands are leading on climate and which are still wearing last season’s greenwash?

Over 77,000 lives were saved because of the drastic cut in air pollution during the lockdown in China. That’s why the fashion industry needs to transition its supply chains to cleaner power instead of burning dirty coal, which is a leading cause of toxic air pollution.

20 companies have already committed to invest in renewable energy, but have they followed through? Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to go without clothes (there’s no post-pandemic nudist period coming!) But we cannot allow the industry to keep destroying our planet with its massive emissions.

10k people have already signed, but we need more signatures to really force the companies to take notice.

Sign here to urge these companies to honor their commitments and take action to create a liveable future for their workers, customers, and the planet.


The fashion industry is slowly gearing up to restart – with factories reopening and workers going back to work in Asia. But the danger of COVID-19 has not dissipated. Studies have shown that there is a strong link between air pollution and coronavirus deaths. Even before the pandemic, people living in areas with high levels of air pollution had a much higher risk of contracting diseases and experiencing health problems.

As one of the biggest polluting industries in the world, the fashion industry needs to prioritize the health of its workers, customers and the planet. That’s why we are pushing fashion companies that have already made climate commitments to be a leader and invest in a green recovery. It’s time for sustainability to be more than just a buzzword – it’s time for it become the standard.

Sign the petition to make sure fashion companies with climate commitments honor their goals. Tell them they must invest in renewable energy in order to create a liveable and breatheable environment for workers and customers.


What does a green recovery for fashion look like? First and foremost, fashion must move away from coal by investing in cleaner power. Right now, the majority of the fashion industry is powered by coal, and it is causing irreparable damage to the environment and risking the lives of millions in its supply chains and beyond. Before COVID, countries like Vietnam, China, Bangladesh, and Turkey had plans to extend their coal grid by collectively building hundreds of new coal plants – increasing fashion’s reliance on coal.

But fashion companies cannot continue to veil their filthy affair with coal by greenwashing anymore. Now is the time for companies to act on their climate commitments and transition their supply chains to cleaner power. Based on our scorecard, 20 companies have made commitments to source at least 50% renewable energy in their own buildings by 2035. These companies have made the first step, but they need to commit to covering their supply chain (as most of their emissions come from there) and implementing their commitments. This is the time to transform their climate goals into actions by baking sustainability into their business model. SOURCE


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