New PEC Website Connects Farmers to Local Markets

Locazoa joins local farmers and customers in online marketplace

A chance visit by Rachel Kuzmich and Cliff Coulter to Quinta Da Conde farm in Black River last summer set the wheels in motion for a new initiative that connects County farmers to local customers. Cliff has a background in e-commerce, and Rachel has an interest in environmentalism, and they were speaking to Joaquim Conde about some of the challenges he faces in getting customers to know about his farm produce.

The idea lay nearly dormant until this spring when Joaquim was considering how to modify his business plan in light of restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. He decided to launch a community supported agriculture (CSA) program and reached out to Cliff and Rachel, and that is when the couple really started to work on their idea to link farmers with their customers.

“Locazoa is an online marketplace for buying and selling farm products in Prince Edward County,” said Rachel.

“There are two types of users. Farmers, who are acting as vendors, can create a profile with their contact info and they can list the products they have for sale. If they have a CSA program, they can manage that through the site as well. On the customer side of things, you can go to Locazoa and you can shop across multiple farmers here in the County. So instead of going to farms individually and buying from each farm, you can shop at multiple farms all at once.” MORE


We bring locals togather to buy and sell local foods

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