Fair Vote Canada: Join Jagmeet Singh at our Annual Conference!

Update! Jagmeet Singh to be our keynote speaker Friday May 29, 7 PM Eastern

With registrations already surging, this year’s Annual Conference just got better! NDP leader Jagmeet Singh will be joining us on Friday, May 29 at 7 PM Eastern.

Please register and share! Your attendance helps us send a strong message that many citizens care deeply about achieving proportional representation–and are ready to take action.


Once you are registered, you will receive a link to join that you can use at any time during the conference–to join Jagmeet on Friday evening, or join any of the sessions and workshop on Saturday, May 30! (If you have already registered, you don’t need to register again!)

Friday May 29, 2020

Jagmeet Singh, 7 PM Eastern

Saturday May 30, 2020

Jagmeet will be speaking about why he supports PR, the benefits of a minority government and how we can make progress towards building a better democracy in this Parliament. The presentation will be followed by a Q+A from the audience.

Saturday May 30, 2020

Frank Graves, 1:30-2:30 PM Eastern

Frank Graves is the founder and President of EKOS Research Associates. Frank is a frequent commentator in Canadian and American media. He has directed several public opinion research projects on behalf of the CBC, the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and La Presse. In 2016, he delivered an insightful presentation on the Public Outlook on Electoral Reform to the federal all-party committee on electoral reform (ERRE).

Frank will speak about the current state of democracy, including voter trust and the emergence of populism in Canada. The presentation will be followed by a Q+A from the audience.


Penny Ehrhardt, 3-4 PM Eastern

Penny Ehrhardt is a Senior Associate at the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies in the School of Government at Victoria University of Wellington and a (non-practising) Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand. She served on the Secretariat supporting the Ministerial Expert Advisory Group on the electoral law reform referendum at the NZ Ministry of Justice. Her research interests include the practice and implementation of policy-making, social movements and human rights.

Penny will speak about the impacts of replacing first-past-the-post with MMP on democracy in New Zealand and how proportional representation enabled a strong cooperative response to the current pandemic. The presentation will be followed by a Q+A from the audience.



Anna Keenan, 4:30-6 PM Eastern

Anna Keenan has been a climate and democracy campaigner for over a decade. She has worked as an organizer for the Australian Conservation Foundation, Avaaz in Europe and Greenpeace International. Anna was Campaign Director for PR on PEI, which won the 2016 plebiscite on proportional representation. Anna currently works for 350.org as a Fossil Free Community Manager, expanding locally-led climate campaigning, coaching regional staff and using online spaces to scale up their network. Anna has been a member of Fair Vote Canada’s National Council.

This interactive workshop on organizing and campaigning is for all PR supporters and volunteers! This session will involve a combination of teaching and small group workshops where you’ll meet other Fair Vote Canada supporters to learn skills that we can carry into our future campaigns.

Fair Vote Canada is a campaign that is backed by evidence and powered by people–you. We hope you can join us this year as we work together to build a democracy that works for everyone.


Anita Nickerson
Executive Director, Fair Vote Canada

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