Where Is the Invisible PEC Environmental Action Committee?

Has anyone seen it? Has anyone heard from it? Where is the missing action plan?

Steve Ferguson | The Times

PEC Mayor Steve Ferguson

Businesses and organizations around the world are using virtual messaging software to connect and carring on their mandates, unimpeded by the CORONA-19 health emergency.

Facing a global existential threat, the Environmenal Action Committe cannot use the pandemic  as an excuse for inaction. This is an emergency. Cities around the world are launching unprecedented, dramatic actions to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

In contrast, members of the  Environmental Committe have yet to demonstrate that they can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Kudos to Mayor Ferguson for not allowing COVID-19 paralysis to set in while planning a sectoral-based County Recovery Plan.

Any climate action, however, remains missing in action.



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