Tell Liberty Mutual to stop insuring Trans Mountain

Coast Protectors

While we’re practising physical distancing to protect our communities from Covid-19, Big Oil is lobbying hard for essential service labelling, bailouts and more support from the governments that have already subsidized them more than any other industry in Canada.

We can’t let them use the pandemic to cover for their crimes against the climate. Without being able to gather in the streets, we’re getting creative and using our digital tools to keep fighting for a just transition off fossil fuels that leaves no worker behind.

We have a big opportunity with Liberty Mutual, an insurance giant currently providing crucial coverage for the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project.

Sign now: Liberty Mutual, stop insuring Trans Mountain

Public pressure like this works: eight insurance companies have already adopted policies on tar sands. Together, we can get Liberty Mutual to follow suit and divest from the tar sands.

The annual meeting for Liberty Mutual policyholders is April 8 – we demand they live up to their promises on climate and stop insuring tar sands projects. More than 50,000 have already signed – will you add your name?

Last winter, Liberty Mutual adopted a policy limiting its business with coal, but it continues to insure the tar sands with no end in sight. In fact, they are also insuring the newly revived Keystone XL pipeline and haven’t ruled out Line 3.

All tar sands projects need one thing: insurance coverage. Without insurance, new tar sands mines, pipelines, and refineries cannot be built, and existing projects cannot continue to operate.

Demand Liberty Mutual drop insurance coverage of the Keystone XL and Trans Mountain pipelines and rule out insuring Line 3 and the entire tar sands sector.

In solidarity,

Sarah and the Coast Protectors team

PS This petition is calling for the immediate shut down of work camps in BC including Site C, CoastalGas Link and Trans Mountain. Sign now to support sending workers home to isolate with their families and stop the rotation of new workers into camps, potentially spreading the disease to local communities without the healthcare infrastructure to take care of them if they get sick.

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