TAKE ACTION: Friday April 3rd tell Bill Morneau bailout people not polluters

Meeting banner

Yesterday we were anticipating a Big Oil bailout announcement from Finance Minister Bill Morneau – but your consistent pressure helped delay it yet again.

Our tactics so far have triggered political debate around this decision and left the Big Oil bailout in limbo, but we need to keep thinking of new ways to get our message through and rule out a fossil fuel handout once and for all.

So this Friday April 3 at 12pm PST [3pm Eastern Time] , we’re joining our friends from the Student Climate Strikers, Leadnow, and Dogwood to do something we’ve never done before.

Will you RSVP to join us for a first-of-its kind online rally bringing thousands of people together to speak out against a Big Oil bailout?

  • What: People Not Polluters Digital Rally
  • When: Friday April 3rd, at 12pm PST (3pm EST)
  • Where: Join online from your own home!
  • Who: Thousands of Canadians across the country, plus a line-up of inspiring speakers.
  • RSVP here: https://bit.ly/PeoplesBailoutRally

We’ll be joined by experts and politicians (including our very own Tzeporah Berman and former Green Party Leader Elizabeth May) to discuss what’s at stake with this bailout, where this money should be going instead – and the future we want to build together.

We’ll also be doing live tweet storms, singing chants together, showing off our posters – and, like any rally, inviting journalists to cover the event and help get our message into newspapers across the country.

If we can get thousands of people to join the virtual rally this Friday, we’ll not only make a huge impact – but we could literally make history. Will you RSVP and join us online on April 3rd?

The COVID-19 crisis is unprecedented, and it calls for ambitious and urgent relief for workers and communities who have lost their jobs, and for our healthcare system that is already overloaded. What we don’t need more of are irrational actions from government that put polluters before people – like Jason Kenney’s decision earlier this week to cut education funding and put 26,000 teachers’ jobs in jeopardy, only to give $7.5 billion to the Keystone XL pipeline. (No, that’s not an April Fool’s joke – it’s real).

Just like their last big climate decision around the fate of the Teck tar sands mine, Liberal MPs are once again conflicted around a Big Oil bailout. Jason Kenney and the powerful fossil fuel lobby are pushing hard for a massive subsidy. But on the other hand, politician’s inboxes and phone lines are full of messages from voters like you calling on them to support #PeopleNotPolluters and keep their commitment to climate action as they respond to this crisis.

Friday’s rally will be an opportunity to reinforce our message loud and clear: it’s time to put people before polluters and rule out a Big Oil bailout once and for all. Click here to RSVP.

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