Take Action! Bail-out people not Big Oil

Peoples’ prosperity, not corporate profits.

These last weeks have revealed who are the essential workers: they are the medical professionals, the often underpaid grocery store clerks, truck drivers… They keep our society afloat when everything is on pause in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As dire consequences of this pandemic unfold, people are struggling, many have lost their jobs, they can’t pay their rent and they live with the uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring1 . While the federal government has announced measures to help people, it is still unclear where its real priorities are.

We heard last week that the government is preparing a multi billion-dollar bailout package for Canada’s oil and gas sector 2. While people everywhere are showing extraordinary gestures of solidarity and compassion, our government has to lead by example. Tell Justin Trudeau to bail-out workers, not a polluting industry in decline.

All available funds should go directly to people, to save lives, help everyone pay their bills, ensure Indigenous communities finally get clean water and access to decent housing, and transform our economy for the people through a just transition.

We should not allow polluters to profit from this situation in a sneaky attempt to take a big, disproportionate piece of the cake. Bailing out the shareholders of dirty industries to continue business-as-usual, rather than protecting workers and their families, means we would have learned nothing from the bank bailout during the financial crisis of 2008. Oil lobbyists want billions of our dollars to keep poisoning the planet and Indigenous lands for their own profit. We can’t let this happen. We actually have the opportunity to build a just and sustainable society. Add your name now.

The clock is ticking. With the imminent bailout, now is the time to send a clear message to Justin Trudeau — we’re watching, you cannot allow a corporate and fossil fuel bailout under the cover of a national crisis. It’s time to take unprecedented action to shape and change our world for the better now and in the coming years. In this, people have to come before profits.

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