Attention all young organic farmers in Prince Edward County! This bursary is just for you!

person holding leafed plant

The County Sustainability Group is pleased to announce a 2nd year for our Bursary for Young PEC Organic Farmers. $1000 will be awarded annually in May to a young farmer in Prince Edward County who best demonstrates the values of ecologically sound , sustainable farm practices which regenerate soil health, protects vital resources such as water and biodiversity, reduces the need for synthetic inputs and prioritizes renewable energy sources.

Our group recognizes the importance of farmers and agriculture to our rural community and province.

In particular, we are grateful for sustainable farmers who are doing their utmost to protect the health of the land and all living creatures by implementing best practices.

We want this award to demonstrate our gratitude and help their long term success in the very challenging occupation of farming. Farmers feed cities and provide us all with nutritious food that far too often is taken for granted. Without their dedication and commitment to their craft, imagine how different our world would be?

We especially acknowledge , with this bursary, the challenges faced by young farmers just starting out in organic farming or trying to maintain or expand an existing operation. This is an expensive undertaking and not for the faint of heart. Every little bit can help, perhaps going towards new seeds, greenhouses,equipment, soil revitalization, irrigation,livestock,land leases, renewable energy or any number of important aspects of modern organic farming.

Applicants should demonstrate an understanding of the goals of Ecological Farmers of Ontario (EFAO). Candidates should submit their application letters describing their reasons for being considered for this award by April 30th to Don Hudson at or Don Ross at

A winner will be selected and award money presented by May15th in order that it can be put to good use early in the growing season. If no suitable candidates should come forward this year, the award money will carry forward to 2021 when 2 – $1000 awards may be presented or a single recipient could receive $2000.

Ongoing funding for this bursary will be generated by proceeds from our annual CSG Rain Barrel & Composter Sale held on the final Saturday of May ( see ) This year’s sale on May 30th continues to also fund our PECI student environmental bursary award in memory of Fred Holtz.

We appreciate the support our community has shown for this event and welcome any extra donations an individual or business may wish to make to assist in the ongoing funding of either of these bursaries.


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