Greenpeace: “Let’s start the year off with a clean plate.”

It’s a new year and I’m wiping my plate clean. After the excess of the holidays, it’s time to clean up our food system.

Overconsumption of industrial meat. Excessive food waste. Fruits and veggies that travel for miles to get to our plates. These are the ingredients of a food system that is cooking our planet. In fact, did you know our global food system accounts for as much as 37% of greenhouse gas emissions?[1]

But we have the power to turn all of this fork around. Will you take a new year’s resolution with me to eat for the climate?

You’ve probably heard that 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the production and consumption of industrial meat. Last year the world watched as the Amazon rainforest went up in flames, a visible reminder of what’s in store for our planet if we continue to eat industrial meat at current rates.

But it’s not just meat. I was surprised to learn that a staggering 58% of food produced in Canada is wasted.[2] This represents enough food to feed all Canadians for nearly 5 months! And this has environmental consequences: food loss and waste represents 8% of global GHG emissions, a quantity four times larger than emissions from global aviation.[3]

We need to start 2020 off with the right ingredients for the climate. This is why we’ve launched the #GoodFoodChallenge, an opportunity to reduce our reliance on meat, use more local fruits and veggies and curb our food waste. Are you in?

What’s good for the planet is also good for your health, which is reflected in the recent update to the Canada Food Guide. The guide now recommends that Canadians increase the amount of fresh fruits, veggies and plant-based proteins on their plates as a part of a healthy diet.[4]

Making good food choices has the potential to improve our health and the health of our planet. Take the 2020 #GoodFoodChallenge and pledge to eat less meat, waste less food and eat more local fruits and veggies this year!

Don’t worry — we don’t expect you to do this alone! Our food system is broken; it can be difficult to select the nutritious food we need to feed our families and care for our planet. When you add your name to the #GoodFoodChallenge, we’ll send you our Eco Menu: 10 Tips for Climate-Friendly Food Choices.

It might be a new year, yet we are in the same climate emergency. It’s time for us to eat like it. Let’s get cooking for a cooler climate together.


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