Tuesday (Oct 29) speech by Bill White — resident of PEC — and about white pines turbine dismantling

The first action by the new Ontario government was to cancel 750 green energy projects which included these wind turbines before your eyes— all this and the World moving rapidly towards the electrification of everything — especially the electrification of transportation — and these turbines can help —just one of them can produce enough electricity in just 7 hours on average, to power my GM Hybrid Volt a distance equal that of the circumference of the earth — and they are going to be torn down?!! — thats crazy

Bill White (left) with his GM Hybrid Volt.

Respected Canadian Mark Carney just reported from London England that fighting climate change is a business opportunity worth TRILLIONS of dollars. Dismantling these wind turbines is NOT how to participate in that opportunity.

Cancelling all the green energy projects had serious negative effects such as Oshawa GM work — as nicely summed up by this “year old letter” in the Toronto Star:


Wednesday November 28, 2018 Toronto Star

Re Ottawa promises to aid GM workers, Nov. 27

The Conservative response to the Plant closing was as expected. Blame the provincial Liberals and ask the Feds for help. The PC’s neglected to comment on the fact that GM intends to introduce over 20 electric vehicles by 2023. By his actions, Ford has clearly indicated that he has no interest in electric vehicles or building electric charging infrastructure across the province. This turned Ontario from a big market for electric vehicles to an also-ran.

Michael Yaffe, Toronto

GM now had no choice but to reduce its Oshawa presence — in-spite of enormous financial investments, not only by themselves but by the previous provincial government to create a green province – and – now
Get this – the Ford government gave GM the the perfect excuse to not honour their obligations to Oshawa — by cancelling the White Pines wind project — reported as a “Breach of contract” — so why can’t GM, including other companies, also break obligations?!! — a contract — is not —
a contract — and just clear out?!!

MPP Todd Smith says the White Pines energy was too expensive — not true! — his government completely ignored, or couldn’t understand how Dianne Saxe, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario explained how to efficiently use curtailed and surplus energy to advantage — such as green energy grid storage projects — some 20 under provincial contact — but which the Ford government Cancelled!!

The turbines also produce electrical energy locally, providing protection from far off generation interruptions from more frequent storms — as there is now, with PEC receiving its power from far away.

Energy costs have risen due to huge investments in essential new infrastructure and nuclear station refurbishment and which the Ford government appears to be blaming on renewable energy — which is only about 5 percent — and — is a huge investment in the future. New large scale wind farms are paired with grid storage and are way cheaper then nuclear — and all without radioactive nuclear waste. Nuclear is NOT green energy.

So who is going to pay for this mind boggling dismantling cost? — and which does not generate a single kilowatt of electrical energy? — It certainly won’t be the Ontario jurisdictions which are happy with their own wind farms — and there are many — nor will it be the progressive cities like Kingston who have declared a climate change emergency and are doing many admirable things. That leaves Prince Edward County to pay for it — which is the jurisdiction that caused this expensive misadventure — all by itself!!

—— Or — the provincial government could reverse its decision and let the turbines produce the energy they were designed for, by using the the recommendations of Dianne Saxe, the Ontario Energy Commissioner — who was reported as having been fired by the provincial government.

Reversing its dismantling decision would send a clear message by the government, that it now understands how much Ontario citizens understand the enormous need to fight climate change, and that it can indeed strike a more conciliatory position — as it just claimed — and most importantly, that the Ontario government is ready to embrace the multi-trillion dollar climate change economy and is indeed
——————— “Open for business”

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