Jenn Ackerman’s speech Oct 29 as the cranes and trucks were rolling in to dimantle White Pines Windfarm

Image result for cranes and trucks white pines windfarm demolition

Image result for jenn ackerman prince edward countyFirst I want to thank each one of you for showing up here today, It is inspiring and hopeful to know that so many people careabout the fate of our beautiful wind farm, and also the fate of our planet.. We know that this wind farm is small but has had a huge impact on us, We also know that there has been controversy and mixed feelings from day one, Everyone is entitled to an opinion , and we are not here today to rip those who don,t support us to pieces, Even though they need to be……… They will have to live with the consequences of climate change, and will then have to deal with knowing that their own actions, and those of like minded people, are the contributing factor that has put us in this dire situation. , Who knows, maybe when they see their own children go hungry , or cry in distress,for being unbearably hot, , , they finally might realize that each and every one off them have turned away from being part of the solution, Our own political leaders that were elected to look out for the best interests of their constituants, have disappointed us and continue to drag us in the direction we need to be turning away from, A path of environmental catastrophy Those of us here today are all trying to move forward and do our part, As the Green movement continues to grow, around the world, We recognize the need to make dramatic changes in our lives Obviously, we also that in order to construct a wind farm , there is a certain amount of negative environmental impact, There is no way of producing and building a wind farm without using fossil fueled machinery, Clearing some land , and transporting these large turbine parts, to their destination, This all contribute to the damage being done to the atmosphere, We have never denied that, The reverse side of this , of coarse, is that we are building something, that, after the first six months of operating, , any negative impact will be offset with positive, and will continue to do so for another twenty years,Tearing them down doubles the negative impact without ever contributing an ounce of good at all, . . , Are these turbines coming down because of a turtle that doesn,t even live here,? Look around you,,, If you were a turtle would you want to live here where there is no food or water source ? Are these turbines coming down because a lot of birds are going to go out of their way to fly directly into the path of a moving blade. ? Birds are much smarter than that, and this is not a migratory route for any bird. Are these turbines coming down because they take up too much space? A wind turbine takes up very little space, as you can see, The farm crops can still grow a matter of only a few meters from the foundation, Are these turbines being torn down because they are dangerous to your health or because nuclear is a safer way to go, or because they are dirty and harmful to the atmosphere, ? Studies have been done and all of these reasons have been proven untrue, The only reason that these turbines are coming down , is because of politics , dishonest politicians, rich NIMBY,s moving to the County, who think that a wind farm would for some reason devalue their property , or quite simply ,, they don,t like the look of them, These are such selfish and inconsiderate reasons, that hurt us all, So , today we should put our anger aside and instead feel sympathy for these fools and their money, We need to feel good about who we are and grateful that we do not have that mentality, It is people like us that put the health of the planet, not the size of our bank accounts, first and foremost. I have been accused so many time that I am in this for the money, If that were true I would not still be doing all I can to save this project, The landowners , including myself , are so grateful to WPD , for their genuine concern for us, We have been well taken care of, in every way, and I want to thank Ian Macrae, for all his efforts, I also want to thank Ken, the site manager for accomadating us today, Also, Thankyou to Tony Knight for keeping us so well informed,for the past decade, By all of us being here today we are also showing our support to the two German owners of WPD, and despite the actions of a few, we in Prince Edward County hope that you will one day consider re building another wind farm here, because We are a willing host, Soon these bad politicians will be replaced by good ones , and we will move ahead instead of backwards, So lets hope for the best, that one day we will be standing here proudly watching beautiful turbines spinning as they give us hope and piece of mind for a healthier , happier planet, . THANKYOU EVERYONE FOR CARING ENOUGH TO TAKE TIME OUT OF YOUR BUSY SCHEDULE TO SHOW UP TODAY, WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE, WE MAY JUST BE MAKING PEOPLE THINK TWICE ABOUT WHO THEY VOTE FOR AND WHOS HANDS THEY PLACE THEIR CHILDRENS AND LOVED ONES FUTURES , THANKYOU TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU !!!!!!!!! , Jenn Ackerman

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