Imagine Two Different Futures

As conscious beings, humans have a unique power of imagination. From epic novels to ingenious inventions, the human mind can imagine amazing things. With elections around the corner, it’s time we put that imagination to use to envision the future we want for not only our country, but for our world.

So, let’s imagine two different futures – one with trees and one without. In the first, we have clean air and water, the concentration of greenhouses gases in the atmosphere is lower, flooding is less severe, wildlife have homes to live in, our countryside is an iconic beauty worthy of post cards, the tourism industry thrives and the planet is a better place for all.

In the second future, the earth is an uninhabitable wasteland where there’s no clean air or water, living beings have no support system and the earth continues to warm because one of the key carbon sequestration tools has been destroyed.

What future do you want to live in? It’s a pretty easy answer, isn’t it? And yet we continue on a path that is directing us toward the second future. Rather than protecting forests and leveraging trees as one of the most vital tools at our disposal in the fight against climate change, we continue to tear our forests down in the name of economic growth and consumption. It’s time to change our trajectory.

Imagine the future you want – not just for yourself but for all the living beings on this earth – and vote with that image in mind. Let’s protect our planet and our trees. Let’s show our support for clean air and water. Let’s build that future we all imagine. SOURCE


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