Summer isn’t over, but election season is already here

Every election offers an opportunity to help set us in the right direction. With barely three months to go until the October federal election, energy is building throughout the country.

All over the world, we are seeing that elections — and the priorities of those we elect — matter. Let’s work together to elect a federal government that supports clean jobs, upholds Indigenous rights, lifts up underserved communities and reduces climate risks.

Send your message to all federal candidates now

Because of our charitable status, David Suzuki Foundation is not allowed to suggest which parties or candidates you should or shouldn’t vote for. Instead, think of us as your election cheerleaders and assistants. We want to channel all the momentum and excitement of the election to ensure this election is a win for climate solutions, biodiversity and environmental rights.

We look forward to working with our amazing community (that’s you!) to make sure everyone’s voices are heard this election, whether or not you are eligible to vote. What are your priorities? What motivates you to vote?

Start by signing this voter’s pledge and we’ll keep in touch over the next 11 weeks to make sure this is a fun and meaningful election.

Election 2019… Here we go!

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