Help shape a ‘Green New Deal’ for Canada

Join us July 16 in Carleton Place for a town hall meeting to help shape the vision for a Green New Deal for Canada. Carleton Place in the Carambeck gym (351 Bridge Street) on Tuesday, July 16 at 7 p.m.

What is a Green New Deal, you ask? This movement, started to deal with the current climate crisis that is threatening us and our planet, is now gathering momentum in the U.S., Australia, Great Britain, and now Canada because of the need to act NOW, because in 11 years it will be too late!

The idea of a Green New Deal is modelled on U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal during the 1930s Great Depression, which not only provided support for farmers, the unemployed, youth and the elderly, but also imposed new restrictions on the banking industry.  Under the New Deal the government created jobs by financing a major program of public works, hospitals, reforestation and flood control, and programs that enabled farmers to earn a fair price for their produce, and provide subsidies to them for adopting innovative methods to improve the productivity of their land.

The Green New Deal has adapted President Roosevelt’s economic strategies to focus on slashing emissions and protecting critical biodiversity.  It will mobilize our creativity and participation to implement renewable energy and resource-efficient programs, generating over a million jobs in the process.  The Green New Deal also includes strategies to remedy our current economic and social problems; for example, income inequality, racism, worker exploitation, social isolation, and lack of housing.  Underpinning the Green New Deal’s approach to tackling the climate crisis is the recognition of the rights of Indigenous Nations and their knowledge.

This Carleton Place event is one of many Green New Deal town halls being held in communities across the country this year. The conversation is being led from the ground up through these town halls, bringing together people from all walks of life to discuss our vision for a new economy. The input from these town halls will be used to inform a vision for a Green New Deal for all. MORE

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