PEC’s Expensive art installment, formerly known as the White Pines Wind Project.

Expensive art installment, formerly known as the White Pines Wind Project. Photo by  Rob Garden

The IPCC has declared a climate crisis requiring immediate action. It is urgent that we replace expensive fossil fuel energy with renewables.

The County has declared a climate emergency. So what should the County proceed to address our climate emergency ?

Here are some suggestions:
    1. Because we are facing an emergency situation we must keep all renewable energy options open. Therefore, Council should inform the provincial government we are no longer an “unwilling host”.
    2. Because the White Pines Energy Project if allowed to proceed could supply  over half the residents of the County with low cost, renewable energy, the provincial government should place a hold on the dismantelling of this project.
    3. Because circumstances have dramatically changed, the Council should inform residents of climate science requirements to keep emissions below 1.5 degrees C and as a result, determine if residents’ attitude towards this project have changed.
    4. Council should appoint a Sustainability Planner/Project Coordinator and replicate the award-winning project to reduce energy poverty developed by Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

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