Wind Energy Supporters Tell Todd Smith to Start Listening

Image result for doug ford open for business

How on Earth is the cancellation of the White Pines Energy Project  in Prince Edward County’s best Interest? Or Ontario’s?

Protesting the cancellation of the White Pines Energy Project, residents were there to greet Todd Smith along with the OSSTF

How does the retroactive, arbitrary  cancellation of the White Pines Energy Project encourage investment in Ontario?

How does it address the need for clean renewable energy to  replace our reliance on costly nuclear generation and stop the billions being wasted refurbishing Pickering’s aging nuclear reactors?

How does it address our climate EMERGENCY?

Oh, yes, I forgot, Doug Ford doesn’t believe in climate change. Through some perverse magical thinking, this high school dropout seems to dismiss out of hand the scientific evidence presented by thousands of the world’s leading climate scientists (who actually did graduate from high school).

And right there with him is  Quinte MPP Todd Smith. The braying jackasses in the picture above says it all.

Investors now understand that if they try any development in Ontario, and particularly any business connected to green energy, they are likely to have their business yanked from under their feet at a moment’s notice by the whims of this disasterous leader and his flat-earth-cabal and face outrageous fines to boot.

To its credit, Prince Edward Council does recognize that we are faced with a climate crises. Now, it should inform our provincial ‘leaders’ that PEC is no longer an “unwilling host”.


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