Solar + Battery Price Killing #Coal #NaturalGas #Nuclear

The latest on renewables is all good. Or is it? Mark Jacobson, the developer of transition to 100% renewables roadmaps for some 139 countries took to Twitter recently to comment on the world’s largest and cheapest + battery-storage project.The new project will begin operations in 2023 and produce power at 50% the cost of power compared to a new natural gas plant.

Solar + Battery Storage
Developments and Trends

Other developments and trends are highlighted in the Renewables 2019 Global Status Report (GSR), an annual overview of the status of renewable energy in the world. The report confirms that “for the fourth consecutive year, more renewable power capacity was installed than fossil fuel and nuclear power combined – 100 gigawatts (GW) of solar PV alone was added in 2018, enough to meet more than 25% of electricity demand in France.”

The report has 4 key findings:
    1. Solar PV and wind are now mainstream options in the power sector.
    2. Global renewable energy uptake no longer depends on just a few countries.
    3. Cities are increasingly becoming strong drivers in renewable energy deployment.
    4. There is a huge opportunity for countries to drive action by expanding the transition to the heating, cooling and transport sectors.

Writing in VOX, David Roberts says “The shift in the electricity sector has effectively become unstoppable. Globally, more renewable energy capacity has been installed than new fossil fuel and nuclear capacity combined, for four years running.” MORE

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