Letter Mayor Ferguson and Council: Bridgewater, NS, is an excellent role model

Mayor Ferguson and councillors,

One of our CSG members , Susan Holtz, who had lived in Wellington with her late husband Fred ( who we named our CSG student environmental bursary in honour of ) now lives back in Bridgewater, NS. Susan was a former member of the Environmental Round Table for Canada before it was terminated by Steven Harper.

Bridgewater was 1 of the 4 winners of this Canada wide award recently.

She comments: “The focus of Bridgewater’s plan is simultaneously to tackle energy poverty and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, using efficiency investments as a means of financing change. We have a committed mayor and Council, not to mention a fantastic Sustainability Planner in Leon deVreede!”

This is yet another role model for PEC and there are many others all across the country where lessons can be learned and actions taken to move into the future.

The status quo is seriously broken and clinging to it is destroying hope for change when we have no time to waste. Below are 2 links to the useful information.

Thank you.

Don Ross

2 links to the useful information:

Bridgewater: Smart Cities Challenge
The Government of Canada Announces Winners of the Smart Cities Challenge

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