Report: Investing in Canadian Climate Science

Pioneering research in atmospheric sciences, meteorology and oceanography

Investing in Canadian Climate Science

This report is centered on what we heard from Canadian climate scientists about their experiences with research funding. It identifies strengths and weaknesses in how funding is allocated to climate science and puts forth seven recommendations for strengthening the landscape of climate science in Canada and ensuring that Canada remains a global leader in the field.

We took on this project because, in the face of the climate crisis, we understand that Canadian science plays a key role in our understanding of climate change.

Canada has unique access to the Arctic and Canadian researchers have pioneered research in atmospheric sciences, meteorology and oceanography. Given this, Canada is primed to be a global leader in these fields, if we strive to support our researchers by providing them the resources and funding that they require to carry out world-class research.

Here are some of our key findings: 

  • 77% of climate scientists think that highly qualified scientists are leaving the field due to a lack of support for their work.
  • 94% of climate scientists say that they rely on foreign resources to carry out their research.
  • There is significant anxiety about the federal approach to climate science within the scientific community, with 82% of surveyed climate scientists having concerns.
  • While there has been an increase in funding for climate related research in ecology and environmental science and management, vital work in the atmospheric sciences is being neglected.
  • As one climate scientist said “The current government funding approach is not a well-considered coherent approach but rather an amalgam of funding from diverse departments.”

For the rest of the findings, and to read  seven recommendations, check out the full report.

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