Andrew Scheer’s climate plan leaves a lot to voters’ imaginations

Is it a target without a plan, or a plan without a target?

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer delivers a speech on the environment in Chelsea, Que. Wednesday, June 19, 2019. (Adrian Wyld/THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Presenting the Conservative Party’s climate platform on Wednesday, Andrew Scheer exulted over the document’s length and weight.

“Sixty pages,” he said, holding the document aloft. “Eleven thousand words.”

It is, without question, a handsome document — in full colour and featuring many large photos. There are many words in it. Some of them are in large fonts. Others are in italics.

But unfortunately, none of them explain at any point how much the federal Conservatives hope to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through this plan.

At page 6 of their climate platform, the Conservatives seem to embrace the international target Canada committed to in signing the Paris Accord.

At page 7, the Conservatives lament that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s current plan won’t reduce emissions enough to meet Canada’s international target for 2030 — a complaint that the Conservatives have loudly voiced in recent days.

But on none of the other 58 pages do the Conservatives account for how they would do better, or how they would even maintain Canada’s current path. Much is left to the imagination. MORE


Conservatives unveil climate plan, claiming it offers ‘best chance’ to meet Paris targets but providing few details
Andrew Scheer delivers climate plan with no targets


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