Grean Party Secures an Exceptional Candidate for Quinte Riding, Danny Celovsky

Conservative climate deniers take note: Danny Celovsky, wants to provide a liveable world for his children and grand-kids

Danny Celovsky
Danny is the Green Party candidate for Quinte. Danny designed , created a transparent B2B marketplace for the North American trucking industry that is now known as “The DOT Directory“. 

Climate Change is a big picture idea. Danny Celovsky is a big picture guy with a proven track record.

Danny has designed and created a cloud-based, transparent B2B marketplace for the North American trucking industry that is now known as “The DOT Directory“. Now Danny Celovsky  wants to  lead Canada and the world by taking the actions that will enrich our communities, and provide our kids and grand-kids with a livable future.

Danny believes, “We – in the Bay of Quinte – can lead Canada and the world by taking the actions that will enrich our communities, and provide our kids and grand-kids with a livable future.”

Ambitious? You bet. But as Danny says, “For decades, successive federal governments have failed to reach their targets for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, and the government is not ready to adapt to a changing climate. This must change.”

Here is Danny’s platform for change:

My Platform

I will bring a voice to Ottawa. My priority is not to analyze, debate, assess, or evaluate our problems. We all know what our problems are. My sole motivation is to take action to solve the problems. I am just not good at sitting around being silent. I have a lot at stake (my children’s future). Here are some of the actions I will be pressing for:

    1. All subsidies and tax breaks to fossil fuel companies ended.  We need to make them illegal.
    2. A tax on all citizens with wealth over $50-million of 2% of their wealth regardless of where it is kept in the world (don’t worry, this will not affect you).
    3. Immediate fast-track action on clean energy initiatives.  Those that are local in The Q  get priority – and even a subsidy.  How do we pay for it?  From elimination of fossil fuel subsidies (see Item 1).
    4. We need to protect the truth. Corporate sponsorships of colleges and universities are made illegal (even for funding a library).  Public funding will take their place.  We need these institutions to be the keepers of the truth, without influence from vested parties.  How do we pay for it?  The wealth tax (see item 2).
    5. More protection for the truth.  We need a source of bottom-line truth.  The CBC will have their funding increased where they do not have to rely on corporate advertising to be profitable.  In exchange, we call on the CBC to investigate corruption and special interest distortions of our conversation and free markets.  How do we pay for it? We issue serious fines for those guilty of false advertising, free market disruption and corrupt practices.  These fines will more than pay for the CBC.  The freedom of the press must be in-place without any corrupting factors.
    6. Free college and university tuition. If you are good enough to be accepted, your country will help you out.  In exchange, we expect a commitment to work in Canada for the first five-years after graduating (a reasonable condition I would think).  This is an investment in our future we have to make. How do we pay for it? The wealth tax – even if we have to increase it another point or two.
    7. Immediate expansion of health care to cover prescription drugs (when a doctor prescribes them to you; you should be able to afford to take them).  Don’t worry people.  Every other developed nation other than the USA and Canada covers this – it works.
    8. “Buy Local” initiatives for everything possible whenever possible; creating local jobs which will be small business “mom-n-pops” for the most part.   Encourage people to open local businesses to give their local communities what they need while allowing them to look after themselves and their families.  It is called a free market that everyone can participate in. I would rather get my coffee and a fresh homemade muffin from Sally and Jimmy (who I know) than from Tim McHorton from Brazil (who only cares about their profit growth).  And we will support these local small businesses.  You can open a business.  As simple as a local coffee shop.   Or a studio.  Or a workshop. If you can offer our community a local product or service you have my attention.  Why not?
    9. Proper Use of Our Language. Nobody owns our language; so we can decide for ourselves on how it is used. Climate Change is Climate Crisis.  Global Warming is Global Heating.  Autonomous Vehicles are Driverless Cars.   Corporate Consolidation is An Illegal Activity.  They are just words, but we get to pick them.  Send in more and let’s get back to some common sense of our own language!

WE HAVE TO GET THE HOUSE OF COMMONS TO ACT.  We cannot afford any more failing report cards. MORE


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