Council of Canadians’ Invitation to Hear Dr. Gordon Laxer on his report Billion Dollar Buyout

The Council of Canadians invites you to a webinar by Dr. Gordon Laxer on his report Billion Dollar Buyout.

Tomorrow [Monday], the Liberal cabinet is supposed to make a decision on whether it approves the pipeline, but Reuters is reporting that it will approve it..  This will be a major election issue in the fall, and we need to be able to make it so. My fellow campaigner Dylan Penner is working on a week of action which he has told you about.

In our report, Billion Dollar buyout, Dr. Gordon Laxer says that the pipeline is not only environmentally dangerous but an economic disaster. Yesterday, a former Liberal environment minister agreed that there was no business case for the pipeline.  The pipeline would be the equivalent of putting 13 to 15 megatonnes of carbon emissions to the atmosphere, which would be like adding almost 3.8 million cars on the road. This will make it impossible for us to meet our climate targets at a time when the world’s leading scientists say we have to act urgently and immediately to avert global disaster.

 In a Toronto Star editorial, Laxer asks, “Why would a government so publicly committed to climate action throw more good money at a dodgy pipeline expansion, especially when Alberta has torn up its side of the climate understanding? Better to cut your losses now.” He will also be on Bloomberg BNN tomorrow to respond to the decision.

Want to hear more about it? On June 26 at 5:30 p.m. EST, Laxer will reveal more about his hard-hitting report. Registration is open:

Here is a link to his report and an accompanying video which explains the report.

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