Mission Possible: The Green Party Climate Action Plan

At last a serious climate strategy! Other points within the Green’s 2019 climate plan:

      • Ensure all new cars are electric by 2030
      • Modernize and expand Via Rail service across Canada
      • Make all buildings in Canada carbon neutral by 2030
      • Mandate agriculture, fishing, forestry equipment use biodiesel made from restaurant vegetable fat.

The Green Party has Canada’s only comprehensive plan to avoid climate catastrophe.

Download the whole action plan (PDF)
The Mission

1 – Declare a Climate Emergency

Accept, at every level of government, that climate is not an environmental issue. It is the gravest security threat the world has ever seen.

2 – Establish an inner cabinet of all parties

Modelled on the war cabinets of Mackenzie King and Winston Churchill, parties will work together to ensure that climate is no longer treated like a political football. It requires all hands on deck.

3 – Set stringent new targets

Establish our new target and file it as Canada’s Nationally Determined Contribution with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change: 60 per cent GHG reductions against 2005 levels by 2030; zero emissions by 2050.

4 – Assume leadership

Attend the next climate negotiation in Chile this year and press other countries to also double their efforts.

5 – Respect evidence

Restore funding of climate research within the Government of Canada and in the network of universities that received financial support before 2011.

6 – Maintain carbon pricing

Revenue neutrality will be achieved through carbon fee and dividend and we will eliminate all subsidies to fossil fuels.

7 – Ban fracking

No exceptions. It destroys ecosystems, contaminates ground and surface water, endangers our health and it’s a major source of GHGs.

8 – Green the grid

By 2030, remove all fossil fuel generation from our national east-west electricity grid.



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