The Leap’s work has been turbo-charged by the idea of a Green New Deal since last year

 How can it be  built to truly address the triple crises of climate change, rising racism, and economic inequality we’re facing?

The solutions that the Green New Deal puts on the table aren’t exactly new. But since we launched the Leap Manifesto in 2015 — another vision for how the total transformation of our society and economy can tackle climate change while repairing historical harms, reducing current inequalities, and respecting Indigenous rights — we have seen new reasons for both hope and despair.

Now is the time to build power behind the solutions that have been here all along.As Leap co-founder Naomi Klein says, “The ground for this moment has been prepared for decades.”

Sign the Pact for a Green New Deal. Let’s build this together.

We’re seeing a kaleidoscope of electrifying efforts emerge — from weekly youth-led climate strikes, to migrant justice days of action to #UniteAgainstRacism, to the new “Our Time” campaign, with its organizing hubs of young people working to elect candidates who support a Green New Deal in the 2019 federal election. With so much resistance being seeded around us, we’re feeling more hopeful than ever about the revolutionary change we need right now — or, at the very least, the possibility of uniting across movements and generations to work together on this shared vision.

Join the Pact for a Green New Deal to be part of the conversation about a Green New Deal for everyone.


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