Ontario Green party parodies Doug Ford’s carbon tax stickers

Now here’s a sticker you can promote!

‘Climate change will cost us more’ declares the sticker, mimicking the one that gas stations must post

The Ford government will require all gas pumps in the province to display the sticker on the left. The Green Party of Ontario produced the sticker on the right, and is inviting gas stations to post it.

The Green Party of Ontario is unveiling its own version of the sticker Thursday, with a similar graphic design, lettering and colour scheme, but a completely different message about climate change.

“Climate change will cost us more,” declares the Green Party’s sticker. The version Premier Doug Ford revealed last month declares, “The federal carbon tax will cost you.”

Gas station companies that fail to post the government’s sticker on the pumps could face fines of up to $10,000 a day, under new legislation the Progressive Conservatives call the Federal Carbon Tax Transparency Act.

Green Leader Mike Schreiner said his stickers will be offered free to gas stations who want to display them alongside what he calls “the propaganda stickers being forced on them by Ford.”

Green Party of Ontario Leader Mike Schreiner poses in his office with a poster-sized version of the sticker he wants to offer gas stations to post alongside the Ford government’s carbon tax stickers. (Mike Crawley/CBC)

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association says it intends to challenge the constitutionality of the law, claiming that it violates freedom of speech by compelling gas station owners to post a political message. MORE


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