Jason Kenney’s United Conservatives issue warning to Suzuki Foundation after winning Alberta majority

Jason Kenney is just one of the many Conservative politicians (think Ford Nation and Bay of Quinte) who live in a make believe world where climate denial is the coin of the realm. They need to know that you support science based policies and action on our climate emergency. Don’t let them get away with their preposterous bluster unchallenged. Phone or write to them. It’s your family that is under threat.

Jason Kenney addresses a Calgary crowd on Oct. 28, 2017 after winning the United Conservative Party leadership. Photo by Louie Villanueva

Alberta will soon have a new premier who has pledged a crackdown on environmental groups that criticize the oil-rich province’s fossil fuel industry.

Premier-designate Jason Kenney told a cheering crowd in Calgary last night that he would no longer let the province get pushed around by charitable groups such as the David Suzuki Foundation.

Kenney, who won a crushing majority government last night, also said that Alberta would do its part to fight climate change and promote reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, but he pledged to kill the province’s climate change policies, including a carbon tax.

Kenney’s victory coincides with the release of a new federal government climate change report showing that the province’s oilsands sector now produces more carbon pollution than the entire province of Quebec or the entire province of British Columbia. MORE


Oilsands polluted more than entire economies of B.C. or Quebec

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