PETERBOROUGH LETTER: Without electoral reform, it’s just more of the same


An effective letter can help support social justice campaigns–in this case, Fair Vote Canada.  For your convenience, the RESOURCES section  of this site contains email addresses for all MPs and MLAs. Your letter can make a difference.

Canadian flags are illuminated by the setting sun on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Monday, Feb. 18, 2019. – Sean Kilpatrick , The Canadian Press

I have followed the SNC-Lavalin scandal with interest and great sorrow for my country. The most ironic aspect is the idea that this is “deja vue all over again.” I see Conservative MPs scrambling to outdo their colleagues’ outrage in order to defend our institutions and our democracy.

Believe me, I am no apologist for Liberals in general, nor Mr. Trudeau in particular. I am no fan of how he, and they are running our Canada, including the current scandal. I am reminded of our current MP, who as a candidate said ad nauseam, “We’re going to do politics in a different way.” Funny how “Sunny ways” and the Harper way are eerily similar.

Both provincially and federally we’ve heard this song and danced to it many times before. We throw the current “bums” out and the next election spawns scandals of the new set of “bums.” … If Mr. Trudeau and our Liberal MP had kept their most fundamental promise that this would be,”the last election under First Past the Post” the next election would have, under (MMP) Mixed Member Proportional Representation, given Canadians co-operative, responsible leadership. It would have been a Parliament consisting of members of each party working together to form a government whose priority was providing its citizens with a truly “Just Society,” making life better for all Canadians while protecting the planet as opposed to wasting valuable time continuously “covering their butts.”

Please visit the Fair Vote Canada website in order to make an informed decision on the important topic of electoral reform. Canadian Democracy depends on it. MORE

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