Canadian cities ‘missing the bus’ on electric transit, report finds

Clean Energy Canada wants to see the federal and provincial governments earmark funding specifically for electric vehicles to help offset the higher upfront costs of electric buses.  (JENNIFER GAUTHIER / STAR FILE)

VANCOUVER—Canadian cities are lagging global leaders when it comes to electric buses, according to a new report by Clean Energy Canada released Thursday.

Shenzhen, China is leading the way with more than 16,000 electric buses and a fleet that’s 99.5 per cent emissions-free, the report notes. Cities such as Amsterdam and Los Angeles, meanwhile, are pushing forward with targets for 100 per cent electric buses by 2025 and 2030 respectively.

But Canadian cities are taking too long to transition from diesel-powered buses to electric, according to the new report — even though shifting to more electric buses could improve air quality, fight climate change and support Canadian e-bus companies.

“We’re missing the bus on this one,” said Merran Smith, Clean Energy Canada’s executive director. MORE

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