Here’s what Doug Ford failed to mention in his latest rant about the carbon tax

Ontario Premier Doug Ford speaks at Challenger’s trucking hub in Cambridge on March 13, 2019. Photo by Fatima Syed

Ontario Premier Doug Ford revved up his rhetoric about carbon taxes Wednesday, claiming without evidence that his government would protect the public from rising prices.

Ford delivered the partisan message at a staged event in a suburban community west of the Greater Toronto Area, launching into a full-frontal assault on the federal government’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, without acknowledging the science underpinning global efforts to stabilize the planet’s atmosphere and prevent dangerous climate change.

Instead, Ford portrayed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government as a job-killing machine intent on pushing prices up and his provincial government as protector of working Ontarians in remarks at a trucking facility in Cambridge, adding that a price on pollution was incompatible with keeping well-paying trucking and manufacturing jobs in the province.

He also sought to pitch the environment and the economy as two mutually exclusive entities in a fight in which his Progressive Conservative government, along with like-minded New Brunswick, have lent their support to Saskatchewan in its legal challenge to the federal government’s constitutional right to impose the price on carbon, which is known to cause adverse environmental effects. MORE


Every Ontario ministry now banned from talking about climate change


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